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3rdiiiuth – cypher lyrics


[verse 1: jack cityz]
i’m in my second semester, the lectures festered and pestered
i been stressin’ to switch lessons
to sectors set to embezzle the rebels
looked as pebbles from the levels of the reigns
so when it rains
was pebbles, now several of the grains
insane from this college stint
not game for no blue collar sh-t
own lane against the grain
so f-ck your wave, and f-ck your barber b-tch
don’t garnish sh-t
two’s doable, three’s accompany
by four, that’s an art form
quo three, that’s real g
plot my apartheid, apart from these guys
ride to the pharcyde with slimkid3 and fatlip
my 90’s rap sh-t
the uth’s with me, influence kidney’s
bobby & whitney
probably slip cityz a pill
heart on still
the compet-tion’s real, and we’re top mentioned
consider your pot p-ssed in
my henchmen leave you cringin’ off of tension fissions
efficient missions, never severed by the man
like lobsters, y’all weapons effected by bands

[verse 2: ragz b-st-rd]
i aristotle philosophies, like amazing prophecies
at a high proficiency
i have a tendency to flow by ministry
longing to be written down in history
tryna stay krispy kreme
bringing burns in the 3rd degree
putting flava in ya mouth like hickory
living in the present the way i’m coming down your chimney
don’t have a conscious, b-tch i been squashed jiminy
life, love and liberty
convert my cell energy and mental capability
and grow 8 tails like k!ller bee

[verse 3: chuck nimbus]
them hoes see the gold and they get so ratchet
now that’s what the f-ck we call a chain reaction
it’s still the same fat jays we p-ssin’
she got high out her mind so she gave me the action
no bronson, but we be flossin’
f-ck the caution when we often start moshin’
live life like the wheels on mobiles
steady rollin like i gave her free will to mo’ pills
the pressures pure, so we offer it
let a ho snag my dough, that’s preposterous
spending like we got lots of it, straight stocks of it
got the birdies, so it’s flocks of it
cause anyone that opened up that door for opportunity
it’s just you and me, so let that vibe stride fluently

[verse 4: al hostile]
al hostile
get up in your lungs
where you from
a land of lost and forgotten tongues
where there can only be one
and i have already won
game, set, match
these bars you won’t catch
well at least on the first listen
got nice writtens
that’ll leave ya main chick quite smitten
admit it, i’m nice wit it
the hotness that i transmit
make other rappers sick
sit and listen
we out the solar system
to the universe and beyond
we got the planet in our palm
over baghdad we the bomb like, uh
over baghdad we the bomb like, boom

[verse 5: iimz]
this is it, what
really ripping it up, so step up
i’m known to kick b-tt quicker than hick-ups
so if you slip up, you could get fixed up
pray there isn’t a mix up
hit me with a hot beat and get your b-ss kicked up
the b-ss gets bumped in places we can’t name
spit til my face is in pages of publications
goodness gracious, sagacious creations
get your mic jacked, just might jack your mic-jack
when i write, rappers like “why didn’t i write that?”