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3rdiiiuth – imthatnigga (psa) lyrics


[verse 1: jack cityz]
listen up, listen up
this is an announcement from jack cityz
to all n-ggas that think they’re in 3rdiii, listen up

who is the n-gga in charge?
is it judo, nimbus… molly high?
formaldehyde embodied our kind of 3rdiii
get them out of here
they’re not welcome in our shrine
somebody get they child
for them it’s a sign
for us it’s a lifestyle
not easily ripped by f-gs wanting to collab
are you outta your mind?
it ain’t happenin’ b-tch
don’t worry bout mine, it’s my clique
whatever we’re doing, is my biz
silence, outsiders remain private
public endeavors are made by those with clever lines and golden pipes
not apart of that kind
then kindly move blindly with your time
if you are well, move along with this song
spark up that bong in hiding
cause in md, smoking weed is a “crime thing”
order in the court
h–rding the support and the perks
while putting in zero of the work
you’re not part of it
just cause you chilled with us
popped a pill with us, truth is
you’re not part of the uth kid
wanna promote, that’s dope
road to gold kinda dim
any glimmer of a hope to get us under the scope
is uh, appreciated, but if your not initiated
then what the f-ck is your goal?

[verse 2: ragz b-st-rd]
i be that really fly funky fellow
make dames say h-llo
and whenever i be gripping the mic i be bringing the b-ss cellos
give me a grape cigarillo
so i can fill it with this funk
and on the 3rd day of christmas my manz bless me with the skunk
this that ashin’ kusher, so we call it punk’d
we do whatever we want
i’m tryna get porsches in the back
and f-cking horses in the front
we keep on rolling super blunts
i’ve got this feeling in my gut
it be the uth, we k!lling this sh-t and off the meter
and in the booth, i’m feeling this sh-t on fire like a heater
we getting lame rappers out the way, and they have no idea
this our time right here, n-gga
we have no fear
we will turn you into deer if you think i’m lyin’
when this tape drop probably bring your end
you got the time f-cked up like the mayans
cause when i’m rhymin’
i’m bringing fire from the pits of h-ll
and in a cell better turn tail and dip
from the set, like you rell
go against tha uth and you will face defeat… yeah