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3rdiiiuth – intellect lyrics


(verse 1: iimz)
please listen when it’s me spittin’. you don’t wanna be
missing these lyrics. 16 hitting 16s
sick schemes from the kid teen
and if it isn’t glistening i’m just polishing, wiping it clean
aye yo, it’s i.i partna. smooth as
bachata. mount-iimz drips this hot lava
since i was a gaga: kaka in the pampa
born to be a monsta and hit them with the bonkers
i’m kinda, no, i’m absolutely whooping
rappers who seem to be cruising for bruisings
i’m parachuting. the iiiuth be loopy
when beats be looping, i do be shooting. shoot
who’s eluding the crews grasp. we too vast to p-ss
and whoever stands in the crews path
is getting blasted. get em in a casket
rap contrasting from the average rappers

(hook: iimz)
lyrics is legitimate. hit ’em with the literate
hit ’em where it’s sensitive. spit it for the spit of it
admit it. we be k!llin’ it
(hook: chuck nimbus)
do you believe in dreams?
cause we surp-ssed all the chattering guys
cause to be completely honest i’d rather be high
chilling with a tenderoni with some flattering eyes
and we fly. yeah we fly

(verse 2: al newport)
mr. newport, but cigarettes are not my preference
the hip hop veteran. tell them stay higher than heaven
sent. stomp mud-holes into a puddle
n-ggas know my rhymes stay tougher than 6 o’ clock stubble
chasing green faces. cheesing with clean braces
that n-gga ain’t never gon’ fall like leaves raking
i leave ’em shaking. we are pork. and you
n-ggas turkey bacon
like we’re in georgia with these hits we’re makin’
n-ggas will get to fakin’, but it’s all good
where the lighters at? i got a sack and some backwoods
why you lying n-gga? bett’ not come into these tiger woods
these trees is meagan good, and we getting faded like you
wish you could. hit ’em the good. lit it in the woods
and the spliff was good. spitta with a hood. al is hostile
i’m mr. newport. i kick when i spit like i hit the
shoe store. james bond. lay songs ’til my days gone
og like nate dogg. with my j’s on i get my blaze on
2 yellow xannies is my preference
a couple drink, and ounce of weed, and a b-tch to have s-x with


(verse 3: jack cityz)
i’m chill upon contact, immortal when i combat
we be stacked like, steeler’s d within a dime pack
behind that mainstream vale, legend prevailed
the big ls we’re handing out to pig tails
and goatees, the road leads
right to the roti, no hoes be
in our quadrant, so stay in your margin or you’ll owe me
we in it through the rough routes, you not with it then get the f-ck out
it’s 3rdiiiuth, strong willed n-ggas, this our rough house
no buffouts needed, fall outs? i don’t see it
in this wasteland, you’re just waste man, not needed
trap rapping is wack, get your mic jacked, now beat it
beasts of the east, yeah, we breathe it
legion of leaders is heated
best believe it, if i said it, then it’ll get done
we bit none, son, creativity is just into me
got the illest build, matilda sk!lls, no getting rid of me
word is bond, the surge is long lasting, we taking action
now girls leaving their has-beens for me, they think i’m dashing
i’m not for getting trapped though, i tap the ho, then i’m dashing
relieves me from my thrashing, like gyarados on aspirin
i bare my toes, the lair i go, reload for my next action