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3rdiiiuth – madness methods lyrics


[verse 1: jack cityz]
a lot of n-ggas rappin
methods of madness for they actions
mashin of eras clashing
no fashion trend, b-tch
i’m p-ssionate
bashin my clique concatenates
-ss whippins in plural
the uth is thorough
booth’s the burrough
i bind flows, rhyme with my eyes closed
fried though, churro’s
it’s your go, get your third eye blown
it’s now closed..
these comparisons to me and your manz and them
i’ll handle it
double l’s gave made cool j’s of cannabis
flex the focus, hold the power to “x” opponents
they’ll know this
invoke notice to all poets
they edgar allen poe, hint
their moments spoken are bogus
betting on your talent’s hopeless
we dim plans, so there’s slim chance
break records like guiness
diminish tenants till i’m finished
and i’m standin in a land rented by the remnants
me and the fatherless child, no calming us down
we break mounds into plains
then land planes on them thangs
them days of the same stained the bane of my sane, brain
infected by the venom that’s within em, get em
and they crew, leave em blue in they suits
but it’s true that they’re cruel
there’s no chance that they’ll lose
but me backing down’s like you and homie frackin’ round
clowns frown daily at the sight of others stackin’ pounds
you lackin rounds, hounds
have a war of words with rappin sounds
educate ya mind and progress, increase vocab

[hook: jack cityz & ragz b-st-rd]
all second to the message
(the way it should)
think of my childhood
gotta respect it (x2)

[verse 2: ragz b-st-rd]
so many styles, it’s the return of the phenomenal
ya baby momma love me when i’m all in her abdominals
i’m snowman adbonimle
here to bring you power from the underground
like the meteor on chronicle
see me, i’m like a rapping buddha
guarantee to see the future
crowned king, all in a dream
like martian luther
i’ll be d-mned if i let you n-ggas block my spirit like the hoover
and from what i’m spitting
n-ggas is monkey flipping
out they cotton picking mind
if they think i’m ridin’ anywhere and it’s a solo mission
i’m shooting star wishin
for the people to see my vision
n-ggas hoping they can overtake my pole position
cunning like a politician
got the game in a cobra clutch
or a type of deadlier submission
i haven’t begun
we are fire to you b-tches, caveman
but i’m all about designer linen and the finest women
b-tches after starring roles like they robin givens
in the booth, mic’s a sniper rifle
leaving no witness, and now my curse lifted
so chill ahk
bape hoodie that i copped for the low from the thrift shop


[big daddy kane: “the art of rap”]
you rhyme cat with hat, then you can be considered a rapper
an emcee is someone that either has that party rocking sk!ll
or that lyrical sk!ll. doug e. fresh, busy bee, these are emcees because these are people that know how to get on the mic. you could have an emcee that can get up here and use a whole bunch of big words
like: “ostentatious, indubitably, quagmire” in a rhyme
and the crowds’ sitting there looking around like “what the f-ck? what the f-ck is he talking about?”