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3rdiiiuth – remind my soul lyrics


[verse 1: iimz]
remind me why my p-ssion’s still worth it
it starts to seem like it’s not working
and i’m not certain that i’ve put enough work in
thoughts lurking hit me in my person
through verses these emotions i’m exerting
you could never be for certain if i’m hurting
i could never let you close enough to scratch the surface
cause i’m observing that this jungle’s full of serpents
just searching, steady hissing
wish it was different
but once reality wraps around your neck
and you feel your last breath
you begin to second guess if you made the right steps in the gr-ss
i’m blessed that i p-ss through
life like knifes ain’t attached to my back dude
and lately that wu been telling me that cash rules
and if that’s true, then we doomed til the last moon
it’s sad dude, when i hear that cl!ck clack boom
he probably wasn’t even a bad dude, sad news
and that news tryna tell me how to view things
gang hits and school shootings are not new things
tryna show the people what you bring
but if they got your minds in shoe strings, i got a loose string
cause nowadays that’s just how you gotta do things
when they using that eye in the sky to view things
and the ones who think are the ones to sink slowly
i try to appear holy
but the devil scopes me and tries to provoke me
hopefully he never gets too close to me
because i’ve got the dopest dreams and need jehovah holding me
and lately a couple people been approaching me
saying that they heard my voice and there’s still hope for me
sulk when i see chains, so my soul will not be tamed
hip hop, call it what you want, but it’s not a game
we all tryna make it, but our goals are not the same
soulless world, remind my soul that i’m not the same
i know i’m not the same! i swear i’m not the same!
at least i hope i’m the same, because if i’m the same
then nothing’s stopping this world from driving my mind insane
it drives my mom insane
riding in that driving lane
crowding my mind, and now i’m swerving
my god has gotta save
god has got a way of guiding those who got the faith
but i ain’t sure i got the faith, that’s why i gotta pray
i gotta find a way to survive until my final day
so you can sleep, but no i’m not, i’m staying wide awake
until that scythe swing, i’mma keep fighting
and keep writing, all i need is the right guiding
that light’s shining

[bridge: iimz & al hostile]
remind me why i’m rhyming in the first place
then i think back to when i was in my birth place
so i’mma go race even though i’m far from first place
just remember , i ain’t really start in the worst place
though i’m hesitant as a first date
i’m ready to take a leap of faith to ensure sp-ce
and sure working your faith will ensure hate
go for your fate. i’ll be ready to see the lord’s face

[verse 2: al hostile]
they say i’m not hungry….well b-tch i’m tryna eat
i am down on my knees tryna not accept defeat
but please
my mom is sad, my pops is mad
i’m tryna do them right, but i just can’t seem to follow that
i’m not tryna spit no words to the wise
but i refuse to be viewed as tool of a black guy
and then them trap gods go and say they rap gods
and i get put in a box of making a trap song
so i just blaze bongs tryna keep my brain strong
sit back, and close my eyes and get my blaze on
i am thinking with my 3rd eye, slowly smoking potent
i stay up in the clouds, i’m just down for the moment
so, relax while i relapse over these tracks
your 3rd eye is closed
that explains why you can’t see that
we are greater than the haters we made them fans
and i’m everything more than what i say i am
just realize that these guys ain’t using they 3 eyes
and i started using my sh-t soon as we died
a home ain’t a home when the heart ain’t there
can’t put the chrome to your dome when your heart ain’t there
so i just sit here alone as i remind my fear
that the only place that i consider home is not near