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3rdiiiuth – sweet dream lyrics


(verse 1: iimz)
i had a dream that my soul was stolen. actually, no. i sold it
but the whole situation seemed so hopeless
before it all unfolded it was dope until the
guys setting prices, trying to buy the rhymes told me
turn a blind eye, as they took a couple lines
saw them cook a couple lies as they through it in the batter
as i heard the chitter chatter. “this and that’ll make you famous
make you matter!” silver platter served up all the wiring
fame and the fortune. the songs of a siren. aspiring for
what i’m destined for desiring. i once
was a lion that roamed through the lands of zion before i was tamed by pirates
why must i die just so that i can live? i watch a muslim digesting a pig
as a priest is molesting a kid. allegedly, they telling me that that’s what i did
they said a man dies best when he k!ll himself, ‘fore i digress
readers digested the kid. arrested the kid. i’m imprisoned by attraction
as my l-st takes control of my action, and it’s
actually half of the fraction of the subtraction they’re doing to my p-ssion
it changed how i thought, into a train of thought
that made me oblivious the pain that i brought
from the way that i talk to the way that i walk
as i walk on the train tracks that break if i spark
i watch as a dog causes pain with a bark
to a herculean man, with a tied back mane, and some muzzled up
fangs that could slay through a rock, and it was the
same bark that had murdered 2pac. all this
through a cage that they all kept me locked in. i watched them
change up the name of the doctrine
my actions controlled by an actor they dropped in
with the same name, but his brain was concocted
as i was a plane with a lame in the c-ckpit. i need a d-mn
locksmith. god just stop it

(chorus: ezekiel)
first from a dream, to a twisted nightmare
lost in a fallacy of this writers affair

(verse 2: iimz)
i’m envisioning a young black icarus. and his wings they’re beginning there diminishing
his body’s still flying, but his soul in it’s innocence
falls through the floor to fires in the pit of it
his resistance is k!lled at the concrete, but his body is way beyond arms reach
soaring in a plane that is landing in palm beach
but it’s really just a dresses up zombie. i’m weak from the image
and still feel powerless. soul isn’t powerless, i just lack empowerment’s touch
hidden under bricks it’s a bit too much. up until the actor, only very briefly
he sees me. it’s almost like he wants to release me
it’s his ball now. free me or defeat me
hold up. suddenly i’m not so sleepy
nothing comes easy

(chorus: ezekiel)
first from a dream, to a twisted nightmare
lost in a fallacy of this writers affair
back to the place where your dreams ran your soul
you try to hide it, but everyone knows
you try to validate what you do not own
explosions of rhythmic patterns and intone
our audacious trial and we hereby
give you a song of rest. your dreams lullaby