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3rdiiiuth – tiemyhands lyrics


[verse 1: beatrix aku]
the summer…
of 89 had put a shine on a shaded savior
since we’ve been coming for your necks like a shaving razor

who’s greater?
im seeing signs like its gang related
so we ran a train on the game & came a great creation

if that ain’t a beautiful sin, well then
within your midnight dreary
i’ll find you leering towards this 3rdiiitheory; steering
you n-ggas in the right directions;
more like possessions
my lyrics body sn-tching many…n-ggas
like jack finney

in thee…case of what the f-ck adults expect of me
im living like i have about a year of life expectancy
no limits living, or no timid spirits
we out to get it, & give some new sh-t
flow off some “flu” sh-t
sick & fluid

tune in!
in this cold word, the uth lives in june &
when the world blooms, its cuz we plant the seeds, im -ssumin’
now the dopiest sh-t on these grounds like a pair of patrick ewings
though , we all went under like jordan balling with lonney tunes

[hook: beatrix aku, ragz b-st-rd, moshpit molly]
my soul is underground
yes my soul is underground music!
soul is underground, yes my soul is underground. (x2)

my soul is underground
yes my soul is underground
“and it begins”
my soul is underground
yes my soul is underground
“now tie my hands”
my soul is underground
yes my soul is underground
“throw me in”
my soul is underground…
“and start digging”

[verse 2: lume]
tie my hands i can’t do no harm
milking the rhymes to you squares
im a lucky charm
got the… world in my palms
while im puffin on palms
making songs, hittin bongs
straight a kid gone wrong

what the f-ck is going on these days?
you getting played
while lume is getting paid
advocate for you to vacate the premises
when i enter the booth im the mics nemisis

just an up incoming poet with no limits
17, sippin moet with 4 women
like a cobra with mo venom
bars got me in charge
high up gazing at the d-mn stars

quick venom spit
with my penmenship
can’t embellish it
raw and dirty how im sellin sh-t
heat it like a kettle, b-tch
when i tell you to; yeah you too
tell your friend to come along, i got a bruh whos available