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3re – i don’t like sushi lyrics


michael kors pajamas, sorry i ain’t got no manners
walked into the interview just rocking socks and sandals
walkin out the corporate office in a gucci flannel
n-ggas want my spot but you can’t take me off the panel
tryna run my race but you can’t keep up wit no stamina
kool-aid in my cup i had to mix it with the fanta
goo punch in my cup its fully sober i can stand it up
money from my clout i tried to save it but i ran it up
f-ck-these-hoes man, cuz the money better
broke up wit that b-tch but she still wanna keep my sweater
all my pockets lactose cuz they stopped up with that cheddar
make this in a day and spend it n-gga its whatever
pop up out the cut that ar 15 be my blaster
bow down to a ninja call me sensei like a master
started off with friends but now they treat me like i’m casper
your ego building fast but all your clout is ending faster
i’m humble but i’ll show you, you can’t get it like i got it
i know y’all more than them so you should think before you comment
you’ll end before you start, it ain’t a threat yea its a promise
when it comes to this sh-t i’m a master, you a novice