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3re – legacy-i dont even kno what to call this… lyrics


[verse 1]
maison margiela my figure, aye (my figure)
balenciagas up next (up next)
kusanagi on my waist (on my waist)
shurikens all on my neck
put out a song every night
they tryna see me up next
shout out to all of my hittas
give me a feature with x (for real)

new shawty in the coupe
tryna get lit, she tryna get on zoot
sorry little shawty, giving you the boot
go ahead and roll up a few with your crew (skkr skkr)
dudes be tryna cop a feel for one night
tripping off the xans and off of the sprite
they be fiending, i know one thing is right
they might even go and pipe on a dyk-

wait woah wait woah, yuh
it might be true
it might be true (powa up)
little boat shoot out the roof
i just pull up with my crew
i just pull up with my dudes
this could be me and be you
but i ain’t got no little boo(it dont matter though)

[verse 2]
aye, watch how i whip (oh yuh)
gotta take care of the team
and i put that on my drip
i do not know what you mean
ima just get to the green
they can keep sippin the lean
ima keep chasing my dreams
never messing with the drugs
i ain’t never zooted up
taking one puff of the gas
now they acting like they tough
talking bout they gang, gang, gang, now they acting like they rough
pockets swole got my legs numb
but it still ain’t enough
give me the beat and i eat
make a new song every week
vvs all on my t–th
prada thats all on my feet
nike belt stay round my head
medusa thats all on my neck
ice on my wrist tryna leak, ooo
ice on my wrist tryna speak, ooo
spark on my wrist watch it shine, yuh
whippin my wrist all the time, yuh
laugh at me now boy you think its funny
then turn around and you ask for money
yall think im stupid its kind of fishy
geeking and tweaking the washy wishy
carti to clean yea his swag is filthy
i just wanna blow my nose with fiftys
(look at that wrist lock, look at that wrist lock)

(aye, aye, aye, whip it up)
aye, it ain’t nun serious
yall just be dykin though, i swear (on vhill)
go check out the soundcloud, stay tuned for the vixtape (free x)
if yall hating, go pipe on a dyk- (pipe on a what?)
pipe on a dyk-
yea, yall hating go pipe on a dyk-

[verse 3]
rubies on my wrist
diamonds on my fist
dyk-rs on the list
flopping like some fish
they never catching my drift
whipping and sticking watch out for the drip
gold in my t–th leave a stain from the drip
24 karrots my lip (24 karrots my lip)
come with the kicks like im chun li, aye (come with them kicks)
24 kicks to your tummy, aye (24 kicks)
i got them nunchucks like bruce lee, aye
dykin they act like they knew me, aye
ooo yea vlean with the breeze
jerk new voys yea i come with the creez
they say im looking so sad, what you mean?
nothing on me ever cut but my jeans

ysl around my b-tt keep that tummy tucked
and they zooted off the rolls like a tummy tuck
now you miss me cuz im gone? well you out of luck
they say,”i ain’t know you had it like that.”
but wait
they would’ve never had found out
had to go look on my sound cloud
get out my face, im like
what did you say?, im like
all of a sudden you want clout?
(you want clout now? now you wanna come back cuz im up? wait.nah.)