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3rrat1c – i. feeling now pain lyrics


i hate when i’m there but i’m really here! floating in my thoughts is what i really fear! ur saying ur here but i’m unable to hear, im trying to push these thoughts away from me, but i’m floating away and now i’m watching my body bleed! these f-cking thoughts clawing onto me, all i’ve every wished that i go in and end them! it’s sticking to me like venom, i’m stuck in a body with no host! leading me around with no hope of seeing the light! what everyone says it bites! all i’m feeling is loneliness and sadness! i want love instead of this! these thoughts in my brain! now these f-ckers are driving me insane! no i ain’t looking for fame, this music sh-t is just therapy, all i’ve wished for was a life with air and sleep! have these friends behind my back! but now all these friends just lack cause majority don’t believe in my dreams but that sh-t encourages me!
now i can’t wake up with that energy that i had when i was little, now i have to fiddle around with my thoughts and cling on to the sh-t that i want! i’ve made a sh-t tonne of songs trying to express my one true feeling but none of them have come close to this feeling that i truly feel! this song is trying to reel u in! that ep was just a taste of it! now i’m letting it all out to show u what my brain is really about! all i’ve ever wanted was people to help me and a girlfriend that would love me! now i can see that n0body can help me! i’ve been pushing that one girl back and forth and have never told her how i really felt about her! even when i try to make those feelings some sh-t will occur! so now i’m breaking down! making these emotional songs witt lowry! nah i’m not telling u guys u owe me! to make me feel better! but keep ur eyes open! cause maybe other people won’t be coping! and they’re just hoping that people will help them and i don’t want them ending up like me! be the hero u wanna be! and help me! and help the others! cause soon we might not be able to recover