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3rrat1c – i. get out lyrics


i’m telling u something that are only facts here! hate it when u blame others for ur suicidal thoughts! ur telling people what they don’t wanna hear! these children thoughts when we’re only 18, now ur talking about me and other only hating! creating this drama around u! don’t u think the same sh-t happens to us too? saying u have no friends well maybe that’s ur fault when talking sh-t about them behind their back! waiting to hear their bones crack from the pain u leave them! saying u hate them when they really love u! then when they say one bad thing to u ur just going boo hoo! well people go through the same sh-t as u do! u try too hard to make people feel bad for u too! using ur body to make guys feel bad for u! i fell for that! ur like a demon who just tries to attack, u hurt everything in ur path! don’t fall for her cuteness cause she’ll show u her wrath just 1 week in! u just create this drama! then go crying to ur mama!
ur always sad when u don’t get ur way! your red hair is like the fire of mordor! the only way to destroy ur drama if some dude puts his d-ck in ya! the drama u create is the only thing u lay in ya! why do u do this sh-t?! u push ur friends away when they hurt u once cause ur a crazy b-tch! and i know u ain’t gonna get hitched from saying sh-t about kids 1 week into a relationship! and u thinking ur all big and hip! u think u can come back to me and talk sh-t like u were only caring! u weren’t caring instead u were just tearing my life into shambles! b-tch u won’t get another chance with me! this ship is staying in the bay! u need to listen to every word i say! ur a crazy b-tch and n0body will love u! u huffed and u puffed and u blew ur chances with every man! i did what i can! to be nice to u but u have ticked me off! i didn’t wanna go rough! but i’m guessing i’ll have to be tough and get my anger out! so listen up and know what i think about!
ain’t n0body love u! n0body care about u! no wonder there is only a few who care about about u! ur gross! ur needy! and most of all ur greedy! u see one man and u hold onto him like he’s a toy! and then u find out he’s a real living boy! and u can’t do anything with! so u decide to create sh-t to make him leave u! then u go around and spreading rumours about him too! then u drive him mad! then u drive him to be sad and next thing u know he’s alone! and n0body calling his phone cause the rumours u have spread pushed his friends away where as a matter of fact it was u who did that sh-t! and u continue to give him a hit after hit and it’s no longer funny! n0body will ever love u honey! or should i call u kitten? and u call me daddy? cause i know that was the only thing that made u happy and made u stay with me! i thought i liked u then i realised there was something with u! so get the f-ck out of my life! cause the family u talk about with me just doesn’t seem right! so i’ll see u when i’m older! when ur whole life has gone colder!