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3rrat1c – i. over ii lyrics


picking up the phone like what’s up girl? i thought u were here to relieve my pain! i thought u weren’t going to make me go insane! but i knew u weren’t gonna go like that! instead ur making feel flat! u making me cry like it’s a normal thing and u don’t even try! u always gotta lie straight to my face! i thought we were in a different place but turns out we are in the same world with the same people! now i’m seeing that ur just lethal! telling me ur sh-tty lies! now our relationship is just a bunch of f-cking knots and ties! i was here to try and i don’t know why but b-tch now i wanna k!ll u like it’s a f-cking homicide! i’m ripping off our connection, we ain’t living in the same section! ur living in the hall of lies! looking around with ur motherf-cking snake eyes! all u ever done is agonize! all u have ever been is a kinder surprise, opening up showing me the new thing! i’m trying to call but ur phone don’t ring! ur too busy f-cking with these other guys! giving me this disguise of a different person! a person who cares, a person who loves! showing me ur two pair of -ss cheeks! but now i don’t wanna see them cause u just reek! i thought u were deece! i thought u were the final piece! but i see that ur just nothing to me! u don’t see who i wanna be! i want u gone from my life! cause all u have ever been is a nuisance! but now ur being abusive! i thought we were just going to be exclusive! and we were going to be reducing our problems but we couldn’t fix those problems now we are two people who don’t give a sh-t about each other! now i think we shouldn’t even bother! all u have ever done is made my like a f-cking h-ll, now it’s time to finally ring the bell and let everyone know that we are no more! now u are able to see with ur snake eyes and hunt for who u looking for! all i know that it wasn’t me! now all i want to do is see u bleed! cause that’s what u need, don’t even come back! not even when i’m racking up those stacks! i don’t wanna hear a single thing! i’ll just shine u away with my bling! so get the f-ck out of my life before i k!ll u with a knife b-tch!