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3s – monsters inc (no hook 2) lyrics


k9, is that you yeah?
urban kulture sound

[verse 1: jtrizzy]
i let my rambo eat kids like it
my shank touch intestines
pull that up like i’m doing a zip
and it will dangle like string
in love with this glide ain’t saying a thing
big man ain’t taking me in
’cause i’m lightskin and he don’t rate my ting
and he already ate my ching
put the dots in your face like acne
bare accy, got chinged now he can’t walk (can’t walk)
i done it with force no star wars
ripping his guts right shut like car doors (haha)
and shh got boxed no cardboard
watch a man jump run, jump fence like parkour (where you going?)
ain’t showing my face like passport
grip rambos, ching that ’til he can’t sp+wn (can’t sp+wn)
run a man down, tell broski get him (go get him)
i love thе way the rambo ate him
he lurkеd back shoulda helped his bredrin
saw my eyes and left him (f+ck)
voices in man telling me “just dead him”
my man was screaming “please”
“someone help me “, tryna get up, bless him
me and bro laughing, cheffing
sharing a ching, lovely thing
me and gang just hopped out the dings
eyes watching like lord of the rings
it happens fast, don’t blink (don’t blink)
board still skates like monsters inc
real sh+t get your head back wigged
like a black ting, act fast don’t think
+++++ shoulda been in rizz
[verse 2: jax]
slide through the grave with the yingers and booters (bow)
don’t dead tryna get a red rooster
ruthless ching now the blood’s all oozing
showroom tryna cop me a new wizz
now i’m in the 2’s and 4’s just cruising (yeah)
man spot me a paigon and juice him
do it with the gang now bro’s tryna twos him
swear i got beef few minutes away
and i got paigons kway over desser (desser)
got a chinny in the ride he a zesser
do it right now tryna show a n+gga pressure (yee)
came from the grave, real militant aff
but i’m from the south of the map like huesca (south)
man throwing up 2’s, getting cheffed up
my way i’ll spot a n+gga clubbing in leicester
do him like pat then jet off in a vespa (nyoom)
bad on my js still cutting through one up
don’t wanna see the zulus come up (nah)
get a n+gga bun with his girl tryna turn up (nah)
yeah i’m real calm but i can’t talk badder (nah)
still quack give micey, don’t get bun up
them man best run when i lift my hand up
i step round one up from night ’til sun up (sun up)

[verse 3: jtrizzy]
i told my sweet one stop acting
no black ting when i take off wigs (whoosh)
.32’s get rude, it spins
can ask chowder how the hand ting rings (ask him)
12y got chopped like him
don’t lack on the 2, i’ll expose mans ribs (i do)
sk got disarmed and chinged
nah i won’t blame him if he slits his wrist (i won’t)
see me just smile like grinch
i let my rambo eat kids like it (ha)
ramzy come fat like mwhizz
just swing and ching, tell me if it stings (tell me)
i shot live corn at their whip
them boy lucky i missed by an inch
watch man just skurr and skid
and mz got splashed times two like trigs (he did)
asfar really lost his limbs
and in the same day, jboy got chinged
tk wanna run his mouth
that’s why malzo just chopped his lip (ouch)
in the o i’m taking a p+ss
these man come round just taking a pic
in the trap just making a flip
while kb’s with a fat ting making a kid
i’m a lucy farm already
if i catch one of them i’mma blam their headie (i will)
i make the gun buss like jezzys
don’t get caught on a lack at brekky (don’f)
this opp thot’s dead like +++++
she f+cked with them, so i popped her cherry (haha)
rise up, they ain’t got no semi
guts gets ripped out your top like jelly (eurgh)
[verse 4: jax]
if jax in the trap man sh+ll that
packs in the trap then my young will scale that
love temz when i hear he’s all jailback
[?] mates [?] i felt that (ah)
body all loft for fighting, wanna beef me
i just wanna grind and stack and c+ck vvs
need me an icey wifey like sweety
certi and that lotta smoke for the ggs (bow)
old school with the sword in my truey
spot me, i’m up and doing a u’ey (nyoom)
them man had packs running their goodies
put him on the line i’m covered in louis
man still glide ’til an enemy trenched
pull up on peds when it’s getting intense (boom)
see me with the goons riding and gliding
spot me and opp and it’s gonna be ments (ments)

[outro: jax]
spot me and opp and it’s gonna be ments
k9, is that you yeah?
spot me and opp and it’s gonna be ments