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3shot josh – dex osama flow lyrics


you don’t know bout them long nights walkin’ across streets, posted up at the g wit 30’s jus tryna eat
you say dat my n+ggas p+ssy
you pull up and you gone see
we taxin’ ain’t sh+t for free
that snitchin’ sh+t ain’t for me
real sh+t
i ain’t never had no job for real
my n+ggas bout it all my n+ggas know is rob and steal
i take that back
all my n+ggas know is rob and k!ll
heard these n+ggas lookin for us so we ride wit steel
we ain’t runnin from no beef and we ain’t duckin’ the opps
they see us comin’ wit them sticks and get to tuckin’ they tops
we bussin’ them glocks
sawnoff, we bussin’ them chops
n+ggas stay gettin’ set up cuz y’all be trustin’ them thots

i love takin’ n+ggas sh+t call me swiper the fox
last n+gga tried to f+ckin’ rob me put his ass in a box
how you a gangster but you let em strip you down to yo socks
my n+ggas cut throat we can’t find you then we tearin’ down blocks

n+ggas don’t really be wit it they jus p+ssies wit sticks
my n+ggas blowin’ outta zips y’all n+ggas pushin’ them nicks
masked up, 30 pokin’ out here lookin for l!cks, aye, (out here lookin for l!cks)
you know that i put in work n+gga
i can get you hurt n+gga
slide down yo block and let that pistol go beserk n+gga
put you on a shirt n+gga
put you in the dirt n+gga
turn into a demon i be trippin’ off that perc n+gga

slide down wit that tool out
finna take this fool out
y’all n+ggas in the way y’all p+ssies better take that school route
i’m fire can’t be blew out
we dem boys that you knew bout
claimin’ he a hothead bet this choppa make him cool out

i can hold my own b+tch, ion need my gang wit me
i’m a big dog these lil n+ggas they can’t hang wit me
always totin’ pistols cuz these p+ssies scared to bang wit me
tec got so much kick b+tch i think i got liu kang wit me
i know he ain’t gon blow so what the f+ck he got a pistol fo?
she steady tryna kiss i told her ion see no misseltoe
p+ssy b+tch you is a hoe
i’m gon let that pistol go
pull up wit a rocket they like what he bring a missle fo?

you a f+ckin’ flunky you can’t hit the blunt fasho n+gga, on bro n+gga
you da type i send to da sto n+gga
yea you got a gun but i know that you ain’t gon blow n+gga
don’t getcho soul sn+tched fa tryna show out for a hoe n+gga
we poke n+ggas
ask about the gang we really smoke n+ggas
gotta keep a 30 for these robbin’ ass broke n+ggas
he finna rob who? man he must be doin‘ coke n+gga
choppa take his manhood like that n+gga dropped the soap n+gga