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3shot josh – where you at (remix) lyrics


[intro]: i’m tired of all these b+tch ass n+ggas sleepin on me n+gga
finna wake these b+tch ass n+ggas up…

hop out on his ass turn his brains to a smoothie
all these rap n+ggas lame all my opps they some goofies
n+ggas claim they winnin but them n+ggas really losing
run up on his stupid ass hit his ass wit a 2 piece

keep talkin tuff we go kick in yo door
tell him get up leave his brains on the floor
n+ggas act savage but really be hoes
n+ggas be cappin don’t get exposed

b+tch i’m crazy i’m sum like freddy
slit a n+gga throat wit a f+ckin machete
finna go on a drill b+tch is you ready?
walk a n+gga down turn his brains to spaghetti

you is not hard you really soft
like nicki minaj yo ass can get popped
ima make a opp n+gga give these bullets top
if you ain’t one of us you can get robbed

think sh+t sweet but this sh+t ain’t swisher
put the pole to his stomach then blow out his liver
from the pole where it’s cold sh+t feel like the winter
all my opps scared of me when they see me they shiver
that’s really how it is n+ggas know how i’m rockin
put the pole to his face shoot his eye out the socket
all these rap n+ggas actors man these n+ggas needa stop it
put a n+gga on a shirt and i don’t gotta crop it

smokin on that gas sh+t smell like the sewer
choppa make a n+gga bald you would think he lex luthor
you don’t know how to shoot b+tch i think you need a tutor
say he a hot n+gga bet these hollows make him cooler

i know shorties who tryna earn stripes
call up my hittas they come take yo life
snitch ass n+ggas that’s some sh+t i don’t like
you n+ggas is squares jus like sum dice

remember hittin l!cks ridin round in a stoli
score on a n+gga like my name was kobe
better hope i dont see you if yo b+tchass owe me
quit talkin tough n+gga come show me
hit his ass up take his chain and his rollie
he think i ain’t wit it that n+gga dont know me
f+ck the police tell em free all my broski’s

have my shorties come thru put yo head on the table
f+ckin wit me swear that sh+t can get fatal
b+tches be ugly i dont wanna rate you
sprayin that glizzy you thought they just maced you
223 bullets that sh+t real painful
run up and shoot him from 2 different angles
ion need a gun f+ck around and get strangled
bullets connect like sum muhf+ckin cable, b+tch!