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3sidevlad – ftc lyrics


[verse 1: vlad]
came though with the extras
one question, who’s as smooth as the jester?
n-gg- buzzing like i’m logan moving through a detector
don’t ever front n-gg-, you knew who was better
flow stupid as ever and cold like i don’t own no boots or a sweater in alaska trying to get through a december
step to me and all your crew gets dismembered quick as they came together
i take the game by it’s reins and i reign like april’s weather
i’m up, up, and away like i’m strapped to a propeller
with a windmill under my feet while i’m holding eight umbrellas
with the rocket fuel that the people from down at nasa spared to have a n-gg- up in the stratosphere plucking angel feathers
at this point, man the holy lord couldn’t make me better
got me feeling like i’m mohammed after he strayed from mecca
i got a broad but she sounds dumb
talking clothes when her mouth runs
only question: is you popping up out some?
yeah, that would be the optimal outcome
stay clean, all white, like i was a problem for martin and malcolm
flow darker than an evening without sun
came from the league of shadows, deepest gallows
yeah, let’s see if you outrun
i’m turning into someone i hate
even my mother says she’s noticing that something has changed
a constant mug on my face, probably
she hugs me and say sorry
i ain’t even praying, i play godly
cuz the devil’s closer in the heart of the city, constant duality
surrounded by this twisted reality of brutality
where when n-gg-s are finally living , they’re sending inside the cavalry
but when they die, they’re barely on time to confirm the casualty
double-taking over my shoulder, not moving casually
don’t ever know who’s challenging me
these cold-blooded n-gg-s never ever chatter or speak
you’l l know they’re close because you’ll probably start to clatter your teeth
their hearts frozen
i’ll probably loook back on this sh-t as a dark moment
i escape after dark with my bros in the park toasted
hoping the arc’s open. tryna leave the destruction
feeling so violent inside, like homie you see me, it’s nothing
i ain’t even beem trusting half of my peoples and loved ones cuz nowadays it’s hard to tell who really keeps it a hundred
man, i’m gunning to be the one that they’re watching for
’til then, drop the beat, i’ll catch a body on it

[outro: vlad]
yeah, los banditos, god of tempo, myles jetsun, x mane, crystal fox, pro$pect, n-gg-. bandits, n-gg-. 2016, this our year, n-gg-