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3sixt – trouble lyrics


[verse 1]
kingdom come here i come
been a little hard to find him since they -ssigned him to an asylum
well i’m out now i’m someone they took the mic from
loudmouth, nope i don’t shut with silence
about to make a fortune off of torturing the weak mind of the generation of mine, are you focusing?
noticing, my force is forceful like yoda is
yes of course it is it’s a metamorphosis
new school, nah i skipped a grade
read the books, i flipped the page
hip hop is back, hip hip hooray!
cutting edge, oh i switched the blade
rhymes ricochet into a different day
oh i’m way too hype, feeling like kid n play
word play, feel like i’m in the first grade
having a field day, lord have mercy
thinking i’ma drop the ball and you’re gonna have a rebound
are you senial? don’t you see how we foul
trying to erase me is sketchy
i’m like messi
mesiah with a recipe making the game empty
so if you have a disapproval for you removal than give me the refusal cuz my response will be brutal
and you can draw the weapons
well mine’s a pen and it’ll be gruesome when i doodle

you’re in tr-trouble (trouble) x4

aim your eyes at the mirror and tell me what you see
you’re staring at the jealousy you’re blasting at me
mirror on the wall who will mentally free us all?
this is the last call to stand up before we fall

[verse 2]
mental arguments will be giving me a following
then i can leave this apartment, live in a parliament
placed in a column with armaments
sick how cold i am you should be calling in a pharmacist
lyric schizophrenic escaping
the underground
crawled my way into mainstream
no wonder now
ladies scream over me like james dean
slow it down, i’m zoning out
my brain is racing
tone it down
nope, don’t get your hopes up
dropping meteors on flows that are mediocre
like i’m supposed to meet the medium
nah, i’ma give the world what i’ve been feeding them until they throw up
and expose the
two people on my shoulders
and provoke the
media until they know us
and, when my head explodes from these mental conversations that’s when it’ll all be over
uh, but i’m immortal