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3sixt – truffle butter (remix) lyrics


(verse 1)
demi lovato come chill with a vato
we can go to camp rock and stop in the grotto
maybe me and nicki will mix when she on moscato
salma hayek a grown up but i know she like desperados
i ain’t thirsty but i’ll take the jenners out to dinner
feed ’em till they make rob kardashian look thinner
me and lil wayne in court flipping the bird
man, looks different from a bird’s eye view
baby, ya heard me?
that’ll ruffle some feathers
when your above the clouds everybody under the weather (-laughs-)
god figures, like father like son is so true i’m a god figure
out loud thoughts put me in the hospital
oh my god for goodness gracious, it’s the diabolical
son of a gun and the only one who’s biological
mouthpiece like a piece, i’m f-cking ill but still illogical to your optical
watch out for armageddon
for your next body of work throw an arm and a leg in
i’m just lost, i’m honestly sorry
searching for nicki’s apple bottom like i’m on safaree