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3sks – if not for heaven lyrics


h-llo to the girl i loved
i wish to see you again
to caress your smile disbelief
entangled hands in red hair

i guess that there’s no sense in dreaming
to fear upon your bed and wait
i guess that there’s no sense in living
this fear inside me braves on

now before i wander
into the storm
i’d breathe your name
and fall again
and pray to you once more
but you would push me in
into the rain
and close the door
i fell before
to embrace the eyes of him
but i must move on
into the end
sweet empty hands of embered rain
to never fill upon me again
i never wanted this
i never wanted this
i never wanted any more of this

h-llo to the girl i lost
i wanted to see you again
h-llo in the ground i fill
to reach for heaven
you were the best friend i had
if not for heaven
if not for her
if not forever

i wish i could hold onto
things that she was
to feel again and fear the same as you
things that she was
but never would i feel
and all that she would say is
not to win, not to blame
not to live, not to save me
from this song i never wanted to sing