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3st – a.s.m.r.g.m.f.d.b.r.a.g.i.t.w.y.a.g. lyrics


[astral sav (saverio)]
h-llo everyone
we are 3st
and today we are here to relax you
with something we like to call
guided meditation
for deep breathing
and getting in touch
with your astral gangsta
now first up is our friend
binaural brandon
and he’ll be m-ssaging your brain
with some sensual sounds

[binaural brandon (brandon)]
thank you astral sav
now we’re going to start off
with something simple
i’m going to flip these
fat f-cking stacks against your head
yeah, this is all the cheddar we made
slinging this rap sh-t
you know what we spend
this money on
we spend it on b-tches
bottle service

[asmike (mike)]
ayo did i just hear
one of y’all mothaf-ckas
say something about weed

[astral sav]
oh sh-t
look who it is
our favorite neighborhood asmr-tist
asm mike
h-llo mike

yeah boy
i heard y’all got some of that good kush
some of that dank
some of them fat nuggies
p-ss me some of that sh-t
i’m gonna take this golden opportunity
to roll a fat joint in your ear

[binaural brandon]
you know what else
these benjamins paid for
that panty dropping
pink ferrari outside our driveway
ayo sav
take my keys
go get susan out the rari

[astral sav]
i’ll be right back
in the meantime
brandon here is gonna
tap out a tenacious beat
on this red solo cup
while mike delivers
an avant garde spoken word piece

d-mn shawty
where you going with all that
it’s striking how you swing them hips
like a baseball bat
i can tell a phony from a wifey
and i might just have to ring her up
cause she got what i call back
i always got new tricks up my sleeve
your two step is on rinse-and-repeat
your boy stocked up on p-ssy
like that sh-t was discounted
she gon’ climb up on this rock
call that d-ck mountain

[binaural brandon]
oh look
it seems as if astral sav has
returned with our friend susan
sav, why don’t you
introduce susan to our audience

[astral sav]
this is susan
the glock we keep in our rari
susan’s a good friend of ours
and she has a beautiful voice
it sounds something like
pop pop pop pop
pop pop pop pop
i think the glock makes
good sounds

[3st (adlibbed)]
pop pop pop pop
pop pop pop pop
i think the glock makes
good sounds
pop pop pop pop
i think the glock makes
good sounds
pop pop pop pop
i think the glock makes
good sounds


[astral sav]
shut the f-ck up
shut the f-ck up
i think
i think he’s awake

[binaural brandon]
oh sh-t

[astral sav]
hey buddy
sorry about the
in your liver
but i think you’re gonna be okay
was just a distraction


[binaural brandon]
sav what

[astral sav]
because while you were out
we got you these hookers

oh yeah hookers

[binaural brandon]
ah yeah right ladies

[diamond (natalie reyes)]

[cinnamon (natalie reyes)]
oh my gosh
that’s me
i’m a hooker

[astral sav]
without further ado
get to clapping