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3st – ukulele lyrics


guys, i need your help!

brandon, quit being a b-tch

no, i’m being serious
i’m in some real deep sh-t!

aw cr-p, is your d-ck stuck
in a chinese finger trap?

i met a girl on a superficial dating app

is she hot?

yeah dude! she’s like a nine!
here’s a picture of her

[mike & saverio]
godd-mn she fine!

the only way this could be a bad thing
is if you were g-y
and i don’t think you are
so why the h-ll you acting this way?

a little bit of fibbing
put me in this sh-tty position
i might have lied in my bio
and now she thinks i’m a musician
and she thought that i was hot
and she wanted to meet up
now we’re going on a date in half an hour!

he’s f-cked

don’t say that!

come on, guys
i came to you for help
you need to make me a musician
i can’t do this by myself!

this is a long shot
you’re throwing from half court

mike, you know piano
can’t you just give me a crash course?

d-mn it, brandon!
i can’t make a man a pianist like magic
it’s gonna take practice
so we’re gonna have to find the instrument
that you can learn the fastest

something really cheap and easy
that’ll make you seem attractive

[mike & saverio]
and lucky for you
we just happen to have it

the f-ck is that?

it’s called a ukulele
a useful tool of music
to help you seduce the ladies

having one of these with you
makes it so easy to score
that with only four chords
h–rds of wh0r-s can be yours
i promise, it’ll work

i don’t know if i believe you

you hear that, mike?
brandon says he needs proof

just sit back and relax

we’ll tell you ’bout the time we

[mike & saverio]
took a crazy vacation
to the state of hawaii

so we were sitting on the beach
and mike says to me

yo, let’s try to get some booty
from these hula dancing hoochies

long story short: it didn’t go well
the bikini babes see us and they tell us

[bikini babes (mike & saverio)]
go to h-ll!

we must be ugly or something
but f-ck it, whatever
let’s hit the gift shop
and something to make us feel better

in the corner of the store
in an orderly display
were some genuine article ukuleles

so we paid the man eighty-nine dollars
my hopes of getting laid are fading away
’till i hear saverio say

i’ve got it!
it’s clear that we don’t have enough s-x
but i think that we just bought ourselves
the key to success
so we went back to the beach
to those shawties in the sand

[mike & saverio]
this time with a ukulele in our hands

we stood real proud
with our backs to the sh0r-

[mike & saverio]
and we jammed out
to the world’s easiest chords

first chord: all the girls stop and listen

second chord: all the girls’ tops go missing

third chord: all the girls get so h-rny

[mike & saverio]
by the fourth chord
we started a hawaiian beach orgy

she do the hula on my d-ck
and she ain’t even getting paid

she putting flowers ’round my neck
i’m about to get laid

got that p-ssy on a platter
and i’m about to eat up

i go ham on her pineapple
call that a hawaiian pizza

didn’t know it was december
it’s mele kalikimaka
and every breast is a present
she letting me l!ck her tatas

got a volcanic erection
it’s flowing over with lava
i’m going nuts for her coconuts
treating me like ‘ohana

props to all my lilos and st-tches
pimp game difficult
but i know the cheat codes and glitches

cheap hoes and b-tches
swallow my potential babies

[mike & saverio]
all cause we rolled up
and played the ukulele

holy sh-t, did that actually happen?

well, what can i say?
it’s a gadget of p-ssion

it’s the simplest instrument
and it’s practically magic

you could play a thousand songs
without having to practice

here’s a paper with a couple written lessons

[mike & saverio]
and we’ll be right behind you
if you have any questions

f-ck yeah!
me and this girl are gon’ get it on!
cut to us sitting at the restaurant

[waiter (saverio)]
what would you like order this evening

[tinder girl (morgan lyons)]
i’ll take a tofurkey salad
with very light seasoning

[brandon (overlapping)]
tofurkey salad…
very light seasoning
yup, i want that

[tinder girl]
oh hey!
we ordered the same thing!

yeah, what do you know!
we must be mentally linked
what do you do for fun?

[tinder girl]
well, i volunteer a lot
i collect handguns…

wait, what?

[tinder girl]
and in my spare time
i like to watch gdp
what about you?

yeah yeah, i’m totally into that

[tinder girl]
wow, i’ve never met another person
who was into german dungeon p-rn

i love it

[tinder girl]
so you said that you were
gonna sing a song for me?

oh yeah!
that’s why i brought this thing along with me

[tinder girl]
ooh, how cute, a ukulele!
i’m all ears, so go ahead
what did you wanna play for me?

alright brandon, the moment of truth
a bold soldier on his own
armed with only his uke
do this right
and the girl across the table is your lover
no more hesitations
time to do this mothaf-cka!
ooh yeah
your eyes
and your
your bu–
-cough cough

[tinder girl]
was interesting
wait, what’s that sound?

ooh uh oh
sh-t’s going down

[tinder girl]
i hear the soft jangling of strings from afar
holy sh-t, that guy has a guitar!

[douchey guitar guy (nathan moore) (underneath following)]
your eyes
and your b-tt
your eyes
and your–

guys, you told me this was fool proof!

but this was unexpected!

an unprecedented failure!

but i did what you directed!
i brought the ukulele
and i played the four chords!

[tinder girl]
yeah, but his is so much bigger than yours
how long did it take you to play?

[douchey guitar guy]
you know, couple days

[tinder girl]
ooh, your arms are so big
your so strong

[douchey guitar guy]
oh, well thank you! i lift
i lift b00bs
i mean, weights
all the time


that’s what i call really bad luck

she left me for a guitarist!
i bet he only knows those four chords

yeah, he’s probably r-t-rded

what’s the f-cking point
of using datings apps
if you can lose your date
to a douchebag in a beanie cap?

so, what are you gonna do?

i’m gonna go home
and jack off to her profile pic
f-ck that guy