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3stan – question lyrics


i got a question
what’s the best remedy for aggression?
does anyone care to throw a suggestion?
cuz’ when i get on the mic
it’s like my feelings are on compression
i gotta find an outlet, ‘for it turns to depression
but who gets attention
as soon as i enter the room
as soon as they begin the jam session
who’s the winner unquestioned?
we already know baby, you ain’t even have to mention
it’s me coming from the opposite of heaven
but don’t lock me up
my words are my only weapon
and i’m just stocking up
waiting for an armageddon
and i just keep popping up, everywhere
so who you gonna compare me too?
everyones just too scared to make a mixtape too
i’m only 13 and this is my debut
message sticking with you like a tattoo
this’ll be a hard one to live up too

[hook x2]
yeah! that’s my question for you
what do you know?
what do you really know?
what do you do?
imma tell you the truth, this is my question for you
this is my question for you imma tell you the truth

songwriting comes with age
so does rage and anger and violence
with everything bad in the world on the tip of your eyelids
it’s like all of the lambs have just been silenced
defiant, screaming all of the answers in science
like lana ultraviolence just turned violent
i do nothing good to help the environment
disrupt the cl-ss while you work on your -ssignment
non-compliant, like favre coming out of retirement
non-peaceful, like ancient civ enlightenment
watching you while you’re doing homework
copying it all and peeking over your shoulder
wait a sec, can’t you write slower?
“tristan get away i can smell your odor”
no wait, don’t put away your folder!
can’t you just help a brother out?
aw man, you’re about as sour as kraut!


yeah do you know me?
do you really do?