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3t brax & 3t tootie – peso lyrics


[chorus: 3t tootie & 3t brax]
count them hundreds after hundreds (all them pesos)
(plugg) make it flip and watch it double up (i’ll make it flip, flip, flip)
she getting wet (wet) like a puddle (wet)
she going down and she suck me like a sucker (like a lollipop)
pouring lean and it’s bubbly (yeah, it’s bubbly)
double cup stay muddy (staying muddy)
i’m big booling with my buddy (with my buddy)
i got my tool on me if it get ugly

[verse 1: 3t brax]
and i know tootie got my back (my back)
he kicking doors (plugg) and wrapping packs (them packs), boy, i’ll pull up sipping act (skrt)
pour that hoe and leave a half (half), f+ck around and drink the rest (drink it)
long choppa with the vest, i got the chickens and that crack (crack)
i got the fantas in my pack (pack), try to run, you’ll get whacked
boy, i’ll put that on my sеt (bloaw!), shoot a n+gga with a tec (yuh, yuh)
f+ck a hoe from the back and lеave that hoe for a check
i know she dipping in my pack, but silly b+tch snorting crack
off of molly (plugg), feeling great (great), boy, i just beat a case (skrt)
they tryna give tootie yay, i mixed the yellow with the grape (purp)
on that kobe, pour a eight (act), mixed the ‘preme with the bape (ay)
i’m counting cream (ay) and stacking cake (ay), your favorite rapper is a fake (ay, ay)
money time, never late (ay), on my grind, no skates

[verse 2: 3t tootie]
i’m booling with my draco (ay), counting pesos after pesos (get rid of ’em)
serving migos like diego (what you want?), got a pack up in my [?]
i got some rocks right on me now (ay, ay), i’ma pressure the old pound (ew)
some like (plugg) to break it down, i got my glock right on me now (bang, bang)
and i want mine, drawing it down like waka love them gun sounds
my n+ggas taxing up now, got n+ggas jacking them rounds (ay)
put it on auto, dropping off pounds (ay), got k cutters around (let me get that)
my pockets, i’ll keep it on, his b+tch twisting up now (twist it up)
got n+ggas serving that loud (ay), i got n+ggas serving that real (what you want?)
no n+ggas throwing me drinks, some n+ggas popping them pills (add ’em)
i’m plugged up(plugg), i’m serving skunk, yeah, i got choppas all in the trunk, yeah
yeah, i can get b+tches crunk (ay), yeah, yeah, i can get n+ggas [?] (ay, ay)
she said, “obviously, you a drunk”, i say, “obviously, you wanna f+ck me”
and it ain’t no smoking on ganja while counting up all our commas (ay)
the feds, they trying tp knock us, got hittas that wanna pop us (f+ck ’em)
glocks are ready to stop you, f+ck commas, i will not stop (cash up)
but look, caught all these b+tches watch us, i’m grinding, i’m on the block
but patrolling, them b+tches watch us, no folding, i will not fold, bruh (fold up)
hold it (plugg), it’s down my back (back), boy i’m chilling, pouring that act up
why b+tches trying to molest us? (stupid b+tch)
[outro: 3t tootie]
that’s it