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3t | trevor – blue tick | 26.02.2018 lyrics


that was cool
but now all i get is blue tick, blue tick, blue tick
dude dip, move quick, you missed
when you shot, foolish you is
cupid you b-tch, you p-ssing me off
you should have gone for the head
now with the snap of a finger half the population is dead
in a world where it was just us two, now i’m uno
your feelings turned to dust, can’t trust i’m done too yo
hoped you’d be the one that i’m the one to though
bet you expect me to chase and run but i’m too slow
thinking i should just not give a f-ck like nuns do so
i won’t pay the price for love coz i’m too broke
blue tick, i’d double text, but i got pride
hardly got the chance to try, but when i did, it got denied
in the blink of an eye, i caught something then you said bye
and no, i’m not the type to cry but i do wonder why