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3t | trevor – bye mandy | 15.06.2018 lyrics


silly me, my bad for blinking
thought i could rock the boat, in your wet wet now i’m sinking sinking
drowning in my feelings on the bed we cuddled thinking
bout the time when mandy used to call me zaddy
oouh she used to call me zaddy
said she finna grab the wheel and she finna do it gladly

well, so i thought but i guess you switched your mind up
f-ck it, even if it ain’t with me, hope you still find love
looking back at all the things that defined us
still think you should have given us more time, but
these days i’m just focused on the vision
i’m still scared of commitment and making the wrong decision
when choosing who to commit to, but you cut deep, with finesse like yoshimistu
said we’d be friends no matter where the story gets to
now you’re cold to trev, he don’t know what he did or what he didn’t do
but trevor’s aim is kinda off and so he misses you
though this isn’t visible, feel it like it’s spiritual
my mind needs to get rid of you
that’s hard coz you live in all the music that i listen to
like alina, sabrina and gina
jeanz and the songs in our playlist
yes, that playlist, those songs became my favorites
and now they haunt me, along with all these questions
like if we were good, then why the h-ll you ignoring my message
like, do you think about me every time you bump my music?
wait, do you bump my music? sh-t, i swear i’m bout to lose it
you played me make you feel by alina, it makes me swerve
to last time we chilled, just you and me and what occurred
sh-t, if i’m being honest with myself, it’s all a blur
but if i remember, your lips, feel like when drugs hit
and your kiss, it felt nice and i loved it
though our free trial, was short lived, it was us still
and i hate how you act like you dreamt it, but it was real
you make me feel like i should finish off this mixtape
i just wanna free fall into your heart is it safe?
looking in your eyes is my favorite way to escape
don’t want you to go back home when it gets late
just stay with me, i’ll make dinner
i don’t understand why you don’t like cheese
call your brother up, ask him politely
if you could stay over for the night please
who knows, maybe he’s gonna understand
but to be honest that’s highly unlikely
i’m a king to be, unlike no other man
and you’d be very wise to stay beside me
and i’m can make you feel
my vibrations, take a train to pta, that’s where i’m stationed
there’s a spot in my heart that’s kinda vacant
and you’re the only one who qualifies, um
okay, i’m lying, but without you, i’d probably die, um
okay, i’m lying, but with you i’m down to try, um okay, that’s fine
yeah, but every single thing i try is falling through
you hit decline when wakanda was kinda calling you
i allowed myself to fall coz you were falling too
coz unbalanced love isn’t what i’m tryna fall in to
i tried to switch up so we could be all in tune
but now you ain’t on the same frequency i’m on it’s true
it took some time but i’ve accepted that you’re gone, it’s cool
but i think that you should have never ended it in this way
and it sucks you left me all alone in this sp-ce
had a dream once where i took you to my (pa)rents place
called my mom, pointed at you and told her this baé
can’t believe this how i ended my first mixtape