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3t | trevor – l3 lyrics


girl speaks:

first year, 2016, young n-gga had big dreams
on his own though need to get cream
like wu-tang, had a lit team, they stayed down just when sh-t seemed
like it’s over, when them hoes said it
but marvel movies got post credit
scenes, taught me patience
had a girl back then, should have known she probably ain’t sh-t
we dodging pay-slips
don’t need bosses, gang quit
on these thotties that hang with
these grown men with wives and
kids telling them lies then
go bless someone’s daughter, she probably faking attraction
ask her, she’ll say they vibing, that ain’t a vibe, girl, that’s a transaction
accounts with feelings subtracted, f-ck, as long as it balance
when your mom said greens are good for you, bet she ain’t mean tossing no salad, shawtey eww
wait, i won’t knock it, i ain’t tried
the doctor ain’t prescribed and all the hoes been in my d-ck
and my touch is on midas, ask… wait…
last smash interracial, had the bed looking like a panda
lately feeling like i’m santa, gifted
kicked a witch out my life, now i’m feeling like a curse has been lifted
and she probably gon hiss, sh-t
friends puff puff and p-ss only problem is they smoking on this d-ck
gave me brains so dope my mind stoned like vision
n-ggaaa, f-ck your life
one look at me, you won’t trust your wife
one thing bout these girls, they just l-st for hype
one hit my phone up, she sound polite
she said, “mr. 3t can i suck your pipe”
no, i don’t even know you, what f-ck you gon do?
think d-ck gon help you go through what you going through?
slim thick chick, wish your momma warned you
it’s a jungle, don’t make friends with serpents
they gon bite you to death, that’s for certain
make you cut all your friends off on purpose
so, you’ll have no one to call when you’re hurting
that’s savage, but what matters
all a n-gga really want’s an -ss fatter
than his last girl, attached to a b-tch that’s badder
take her to the top and she might just tip the ladder

dark days, long nights, i was wishing on a mustang
back then was a student, tuks had a couple shawties i must bang
met a girl, sparks few, love bomb, combustion
wasn’t really love at first sight, it was kinda more of a l-st thing
few months later i thought her love was ever lasting, so wrong
life taught me you only reap from the land at which you sowed on
foundation is important, you should know who the f-ck you’re dealing with
she held me down when she felt love, but what would happen when those feelings split
was a, switch up
she cropped me out her bigger picture
taught her how to suck a d-ck up
then she did it with another n-gga, d-mn
sorry sorry sorry, f-ck it, girl, i really really wish i had a nickel
for every time you would say that
i would probably own a maybach
you had me thinking i shouldn’t have ended things with the shawtey i loved way back
first love, that’s l1, real love but it fell through
left my heart numb, but i felt you so i made you my l2
and i loved you, you knew that and you took advantage quite well too
loving you was complicated, loving you is unhealthy
i was gon give you the world, make you have sweet dreams in chanel sheets
his and her’s mclaren and a mansion when i’m wealthy
but now i’m on my acrimony, i’ma give it all to my l3, d-mn

girl speaks: