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3t | trevor – outro lyrics


trevor speaks:

deleted message…

phone call with lil sis:

the beginning:
so, neezy hit me up, asking me for a favor
to take pics for her friend’s birthday for no paper
neezy lil sis, so it’s anything for her
and although i didn’t know it, that day many things occurred
one of her friends saw the boy, like whoa
and he was kind to her for the whole night so
she kinda caught a lil crush, and i thought it was kinda cute
but i was going through the most, it wasn’t the right time to shoot
so, when i left the venue i forgot about her, d-mn
which was sad, coz she liked me
the feeling was high key
been stalking my ig, and neezy would hint but
i just didn’t give f-cks; the girl didn’t give up
got my number through tactics, but i didn’t save hers
until a bit later, when she posted a video bumping my song, she trapped me
i was having a sh-tty day but that made me happy
i, made her made her my women crush, i never women crush
we started talking, i promised myself i wouldn’t rush
i broke my promise, d-mn, she made me feel like 2pac back
i hoped she would break my heart though, coz who wants that?
but anyways, i was chilling at my brother’s place while she was at her brother’s place
then we found out that the uber was nine minutes
told her come through, there’s things i do want to
do, with any luck, then we met, then we hugged and then we f-cken, cuddled, all day
that’s it, nothing else but it felt
like magic, she put me under a deep spell
sweet dreams when she told me to sleep well
yo 3t, she’s the girl you should keep, well
i’ma get to that later, but for now i’m chilling
but i need a girl to cheer me on while i’m k!lling
all these rappers, and she’s perfect
drop these hoes coz she’s worth it
swear these hoes don’t deserve sh-t
focus on what’s important
like these bars and her, and let the rest be dormant
when we started talking, i was thinking with my pipe
now i’m spending most my nights wondering if i’m her type
b-tterfly effect, got me changing fire this life
i guess cupid took an arrow, let it go and let it strike
but i ain’t with the hype, i ain’t in love but i’m in like
now the question on my mind, is she the type that i would wife?

i used to bring them hoes through
till i held you close, ooouuh
i know i wasn’t posed to but i
caught a lil something for you
the world done gave us heart break and pain
and since both of us ain’t healed and we ain’t ready, girl then what we gon do?
what we gon do? i’m kinda confused
i wouldn’t wanna hurt you, coz i know how it feels
i might give you my heart but only after it heals
and i’m off of these pills, i swear world gives me chills
but when you touch me, i learn that fire burns
i’m your druggie, hooked on your every word
love me, when you’re ready babe
this a marathon, let’s keep a steady pace
i just wanna make you happy
on the phone for hours, when i call you, that’s deep
and you can call me zaddy

the climax:
call me, zaddy when i wake up
you gon see a n-gga do what it takes, love
really shawtey it could all be so simple
have your face beat and i ain’t talking make up
ask queen twerk, won’t take vid though
i got a great set coz my crib dope
you should come through and chill, girl i been asked
got a big gl-ss of gin you could sip slow
girl the night’s still in diapers, blunts been p-ssed
get you just a bit high like a tip toe
live fast, die young
quick smash, guy sprung
oh sh-t, now a n-gga gotta make these hoes dip
and that kinda life made the boy exhausted
sh-t, he only did it coz his bros did
too, and his bros got influence
i’ll do some kinky stuff and hope you in to it
hope you don’t have trust issues and call it intuit-
tion, no need for all that
if i miss your call then i’ma call back
i hope you know that
once i fall in love, sh-t, i won’t hold back
i won’t know the answer when my friends ask, “where the hoes at”
and we call that
loyalty loyalty loyalty
this good boy deserves treats you should spoil me
d-mn, ain’t no third party to foil “we” ma’am
my “hoes” won’t exist if your n-ggas are myths
and if you ain’t convinced, well then yolo
zaddy gon be on his solo dolo
so, take your pick and i ain’t talking photo
a bentley truck with 4 doors
when we have two kids and after that we gon have 4 more
they’ll call me daddy, but for now
zaddy is what i’m often called
zaddy pacifies his baby with a bottle doll
would i tell you to stop? nop, not at all
hold that cup like alcohol
don’t you drop that alcohol
a tipsy you should have less of them walls
so, have a c-ck tail now then c-ck and b-lls
later when you let me take off your draws
ooooh, she finna call me zaddy
she finna grab the wheel and she finna do it gladly
but there’s distance between us sadly
so, for now just snap a s-xy something for your zaddddyyy
ooooh, she finna call me zaddddyyy
she finna call me zaddy
she finna grab the wheel and she finna do it gladly

that was fun. but it’s all fun and games till it ain’t

the beginning of the end:
so, i noticed you taking your feels out our bank, that’s withdrawal
i best think nothing foul, sh-t, should i throw in the towel?
huh? was never a quitter, still might be
that n-gga to you, but it’s seeming unlikely
and now i’m uncertain, girl do you feel like we
can still pull this thing off, wait, do you still like me?

the girl speaks:

3t: that was cool
but now all i get is blue tick, blue tick, blue tick
dude dip, move quick, you missed
when you shot, foolish you is
cupid you b-tch, you p-ss-
ing me off, you should have gone for the head
now with the snap of a finger half the population is dead
in a world where it was just us two, now i’m uno
your feelings turned to dust, can’t trust i’m done too yo
hoped you’d be the one that i’m the one to though
bet you expect me to chase and run but i’m too slow
thinking i should just not give a f-ck like nuns do so
i won’t pay the price for love coz i’m too broke
blue tick, i’d double text, but i got pride
hardly got the chance to try, but when i did, it got denied
in the blink of an eye, i caught something then you said bye
and no, i’m not the type to cry but i do wonder why
then i say, silly me, my bad for blinking
thought i could rock the boat, in your wet wet now i’m sinking
drowning in my feelings on the bed we cuddled thinking
bout the time when mandy used to call me zaddy
like zaddy
oouh she used to call me zaddy
finna grab the wheel and she finna do it gladly

the end:
well, so i thought but i guess you switched your mind up
f-ck it, even if it ain’t with me, hope you still find love
looking back at all the things that defined us
still think you should have given us more time, but
these days i’m just focused on the vision
i’m still scared of commitment and making the wrong decision
when choosing who to commit to, but you cut deep, with finesse like yoshimistu
said we’d be friends no matter where the story gets to
now you’re cold to trev, he don’t know what he did or what he didn’t do
but trevor’s aim is kinda off and so he misses you
though this isn’t visible, feel it like it’s spiritual
my mind needs to get rid of you
that’s hard coz you live in all the music that i listen to

like alina, sabrina and gina
jeanz and the songs in our playlist
yes, that playlist, those songs became my favorites
and now they haunt me, along with all these questions
like if we were good, then why the h-ll you ignoring my message
like, do you think about me every time you bump my music?
wait, do you bump my music? sh-t, i swear i’m bout to lose it
you played me make you feel by alina, it makes me swerve
to last time we chilled, just you and me and what occurred
sh-t, if i’m being honest with myself, it’s all a blur
but if i remember, your lips, feel like when drugs hit
and your kiss, it felt nice and i loved it
though our free trial, was short lived, it was us still
and i hate how you act like you dreamt it, but it was real
you make me feel like i should finish off this mixtape
i just wanna free fall into your heart is it safe?
looking in your eyes is my favorite way to escape
don’t want you to go back home when it gets late
just stay with me, i’ll make dinner
i don’t understand why you don’t like cheese
call your brother up, ask him politely
if you could stay over for the night please
who knows, maybe he’s gon understand
but to be honest that’s highly unlikely
i’m a king to be, unlike no other man
and you’d be very wise to stay beside me
and i’m can make you feel
my vibrations, take a train to pta, that’s where i’m stationed
there’s a spot in my heart that’s kinda vacant
and you’re the only one who qualifies, um
okay, i’m lying, but without you, i’d probably die, um
okay, i’m lying, but with you i’m down to try, um okay, that’s fine
yeah, but every single thing i try is falling through
you hit decline when wakanda was kinda calling you
i allowed myself to fall coz you were falling too
coz unbalanced love isn’t what i’m tryna fall in to
i tried to switch up so we could be all in tune
but now you ain’t on the same frequency i’m on it’s true
it took some time but i’ve accepted that you’re gone, it’s cool
but i think that you should have never ended it in this way
and it sucks you left me all alone in this sp-ce
had a dream once where i took you to my (pa)rents place
called my mom, pointed at you and told her this baé
can’t believe this how i ended my first mixtape

trevor speaks: