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3t | trevor – zaddy | 22.12.2017 lyrics


call me, zaddy when i wake up
you gon see a n-gga do what it takes, love
really shawty it could all be so simple
have your face beat and i ain’t talking make up
ask queen twerk, won’t take vid though
i got a great set coz my crib dope
you should come through and chill, girl i been asked
got a big gl-ss of gin you could sip slow
girl the night’s still in diapers, blunts been p-ssed
get you just a bit high like a tip toe
live fast, die young
quick smash, guy sprung
oh sh-t, now a n-gga make these hoes dip
and that kinda life made the boy exhausted
sh-t, he only did it coz his bros did
too, and his bros got influence
i’ll do some kinky stuff and hope you in to it
hope you don’t have trust issues and call it intuition
no need for all that
if i miss your call then i’ma call back
i hope you know that
once i fall in love, sh-t, i won’t hold back
i won’t know the answer when my friends ask, “where the hoes at”
and we call that
loyalty loyalty loyalty
this good boy deserves treats you should spoil me
d-mn, ain’t no third party to foil “we” ma’am
my “hoes” won’t exist if your n-ggas are myths
and if you ain’t convinced, well then yolo
zaddy gon be on his solo dolo
so take your pic and i ain’t talking photo
a bentley truck with 4 doors
when we have two kids and after that we gon have 4 more
they’ll call me daddy, but for now
zaddy is what i’m often called
zaddy pacifies his baby with a bottle doll
would i tell you to stop? nope, not at all
hold that cup like alcohol
don’t you drop that alcohol
a tipsy you should have less of them walls
so have a c-ck tail now then c-ck and b-lls
later when you let me take off your draws
ooooh, she finna call me zaddy
she finna grab the wheel and she finna do it gladly
but there’s distance between us sadly
so for now just snap a s-xy something for your zaddy
ooooh, she finna call me zaddy
she finna call me zaddy
she finna grab the wheel and she finna do it gladly

that was fun. but it’s all fun and games till it ain’t..