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3t3n – marsten house cypher collections: lyrics


“sike naw lyrics” 00:05

“blak zodiak gang” “burn your house down” “i’m 3t3n” what it do? what it do? umm

it’s the black dexter, wide like uncle fester, beat a pretty boy till’ he looking like aunt esther
known to x-men out their spot ask professor
yessir, i be in their crib like a dresser
bedroom, bathroom, wolves are in the backroom
all these rappers suck they got a deal through a vacuum
sh-t i never sleep my eyes are blacker than a raccoon
living witta’ possum, yeah my posse, f-cking awesome
any problems yeah i toss’em, like lettuce and some crou-tons’
witchies held a se-ance’ thats where i came from, sound cau-casian’ but i’m f-cking ca-jun’ char-cool’ house wicked sh-t like a cesspool
lyrically i raise the bar, and beat a p-ssy witta’ barstool
black vampire i’m the king at my night school
chillin’ witta’ group of rapists carrying hooters with some gag tools
talking to rupaul giving instructions how to drag fools

“f-ck it”

cause all i eat is tracks man, mad about the green?
f-ck the hulk thats a black man
d-mn thats f-cked up we can’t even watch bat man
motherf-ckers mad [?] like it’s pac man
hoes on plan b she’ll spit your baby in a trash can
turn right around, give your goofy -ss a lap dance
but she know i’m the sh-t like raisin bran
n-ggas talk sweet i’m at his gut like a lap band
stand up comedian, looking for one night stand, in a one room suite, next to a night stand
s-x game crazy, guess my d-ck need a catscan’
walking in straight, she coming out like lt.dan
mr. got some smart sh-t popping on your news feed
holding up your head, like what i said, caused a nose bleed
b-tchies scream like elmo “get this n-gga from inside of me”
cuz’ i get all up in that -ss “human centipede”
who let the wolves out? call the f-ckin’ media
rumors spread quick, words fly “expedia”
i’m legally blind so i ain’t seein’ya
if i wanted to i could read ya’ “wikipedia”

“burn your house down”

“power up lyrics” 1:53

“marsten house for the short little motherf-cker that’s me”
“burn your house down” “it’s 3t3n” i’m in this b-tch” “uhhh” “see it’s like”

i wake up every morning, always to some drama
then i gotta’ dead that sh-t like osama
all i want is change like obama, but when i speak of change
im talking s&m like rihanna, i use to jerk off to madonna
and the fantasy of my ex girlfriends in a sauna, with piranhas
but the f-cking heat will k!ll the fish, so i made another wish
about sharks eating on their weaves in the bahamas
im a f-ckin’ psychopath period, coma, raps dali lama, slapping p-ssies like e honda
n-ggas lying talking bout he only f-ck in the dark
that’s why he couldn’t tell that girl had a mangina’
liar’ you knew all along so you dead wrong
dude keep it real you know that bitty had a ding-dong
bout’ as big as king king, and you was playing ping-pong
wit’ cha’ -ssh0l-s hittin’ b-lls back and fourth
i’m a loser, tom cruising, in a beach cruiser
d-ck hard like stone, cause medusa giving me medulla
scientologist telling me i can’t be any cooler
especially since i’m their leader you know becomes their ruler
was never part of the in-crowd, i just end crowds
“click” “click” “plow” “plow” man down
fat norman bates, with your album on my plate
i eat it up like reese cups, f-ck a b-tt
when n-ggas say f-ck me that’s when i bust a nut
no literally i find a nut dude, and bust his face up
they told me i was whack, they was tryin’ to f-ck my faith up
like when they told “biggie” “pac” was f-cking his “faith” up
this n-ggas time is almost spent
these motherf-ckers are like dying after s-x
in other words they “came and went”
im leaving harvey dent on two-faced son of a b-tchies

“nah f-ck this man” “listen” “check me”

your girl is open for the floor for discussion
disgusting when i’m bussin’
i ain’t talking bout’ a nut, but your m-ffin
i don’t care how may people you dun fight means nothin’
cause imma’ cannibal nix fighting, still tryna’ get you in my oven
my fashion be all black, yea my hair’s all black
“blak zodiak brings chaos” means just that
we keep it gutter like some spigot water, we don’t work the trap
we go h.a.m on everything porky pig like d-mn all that?
yea, and there’s more where that came from
i came from a slum, skid row got it’s name from
a rap bum, kickin’ bum bum like beckham
then shape shift like mystique having tantrums
im on one, on two, rub my [?] and your sh-t gonna come true
just like a mother giving birth i cause pain when i come through
b-tchies talking bout three when you make it can i come to?
sure you can come and chew “deez nutz”

gotttt emmmm!

“no lube lyrics” 4:28

(random noises) “burn your house down” (random noises)
“burn your house down” “3t3n” “here we go”

tizzle is a monsta’ tizzle is a monsta’
so who the h-ll would want ta’
wrestle witta’ n-gga that bang ghost that will haunt ya’
houstons that will launch ya’
que dogs in my ruge dog that’ll stomp ya’
man im bad grandpa all i do is punk ya’
your gas is on bow flex all it do is pump ya’
up like schwarzenegger, buff like schwarzenegger
you can be rollin’ as swollen, as schwarzenegger
really don’t matter i’ll disfigure all your ligaments
wolf stay in your b-tch mouth, like a spearmint
gum here i come, speaking tongues, ya’ll just hearing sh-t
when it comes to combat i’m scorpion just spearing sh-t
drama is over, drop gl-ss in your soda
my blade come from your back to your front that’s sankofa
your man play the shover, he the first to feel the roaster
in this cole world i roc nation no hova
i’m moving n-ggas over
move em like a sofa
move em like a fridge, microwave, and a toaster
amus-m-nt park spark, 3 hold the rollercoaster
hold it in my holster, wish i had a holster
i’m a seraphim, you and your god gettin’ closer
getting paid like a stripper cause i’m going to expose ya’
and i don’t need dwayne johnson to bring doom
your life is a house, bout to take up your living room
then drag you to the bas-m-nt, face it your f-cking basic
so basically i’m just here chilling while you’re basting
i eat anything my stomach is on asian
could never be a doctor, keep losing my patients
and go off, werewolf d-ck the chicks blow off
steph curry witta’ arrow even arrow like “you a show off”
that long distance arrow knock her f-cking toe off
im a king with this pin tell fisk he is no boss
yea i’ll do you ugly
yea i do you dirty
f-ck your girl on wednesday
and leave her looking like pugsley
i’m the type of villain, that pay a villains to mug me
h-ll flow like me and satan doing the dougie
people call me fat, and i slap’em because i’m pudgy
f-ck boys are clowns they fashion be all krusty
last name wallace, really it should be rusty
cause race p-ss n-ggas who swearing that they can touch me
i hush puppies, so hush puppies
be walking round with some hush puppies
hush puppies, while i’m eating hush puppies
so hush puppies, you want nothing from me
the wolves love me, but the girls hate me
but the girl’s date me, bury boys like john gacy
im p-ss crazy, motherf-ckers they wanna lake me
you wanna lake me, wanna date me
these n-ggas makes me, catch chu at macy
you a f-cker wit a biscuit body, you bleeding gravy
come inside your f-cking house [?]
f-ck your baby, like jane brady, you acting shady
hit these n-ggas with full figures who getting crazy
got several ways to put your head in a box you know what?
i’m kev sp-cey
tell these n-ggas we putting down
4.5’s to bring around
3t3n is in your town

you know what?

bad mon ting
dirty mon ting
creep in all black that’s a bat mon ting
you snitch for the cheese that’s a rat mon ting
put chu’ in a box that’s a jump mon ting
ring ring ring
answer that ting
tell them that i’m here k!lling everyting
man in machine i am terminating
when you wanna hot verse then my hot line blinggggg
of course i’m going to pick it up
and find a sl-t to turn my d-ck into a sippy cup
these rappers spit bars but they don’t hit enough
my sh-t go like boom boom boom
they sh-t go like putt, putt, putt
i’m a nut, looking for a sl-t, wit a dirty b-tt
hang em high, like a peking duck
we on the move better, yet we’re a u-haul truck
you talking stupid dinner with a f-cking smuck
you better run around, when i come around
all the time i be dumbing down
i wish i had something to say
but everything be sounding g-y
you might as well light the torch now
( vocal dj scratches) “burn your house down”

“vol.6 lyrics” 8:18

wolf! 8x “hey”

i attack beats like i’m shang chi
buddhist palm, then remain calm
like “hurry and buy”
i could never be a gangster i would die
to trigger happy i’ll let those “gold” bullets “blum”
to you f-cking “fly”
who am i? i’m just a fat guy with my hair dyed
but still be the same reason why your wife need her tubes tied
philly boy but still a country n-gga like charlie pride
imma’ be young forever think the virgin girls suicide
when my pops died, yea i really cried
think doughboy’s mom when she find out that ricky died
by my pop side since he was whipping that white cadillac
and i was shooting bb guns, then getting spanked for that
he said those that front on you
be the same ones that love your back
cause that’s the place where most of the f-cking stabbings happen at
so with that in mind, i’m round witta’ battle axe
swinging in a circle, look like i’m doing the cabbage patch
macarena, with two nina’s, that i got from tina
who transported to pasadena
flow be on auqafina
more waters than f-cking gina
i can’t see you n-ggas i guess you’re all john cena
better be careful what you say say
or you’ll be dodging bullets, look like your doing the nae nae
my crew straight outta compton
like they straight outta dre day
and you hard but in a g-y way, like you straight out of ray j


let me stop with all that hard sh-t
i’m a nerd so i think about t-tties and starships
p-ss me off and i’m throwing you in a tarpit
with the ghost cujo following me
im always screaming like dog sit!
i hock spit on whoever you think you flow on
you woulda did better inside a tube sock, you’re don’t rock
haters or the f-cking cops, i’ll put a h-rn through a pig
rocksteady and bebop
fat boy red hot! sonning ya’ll like redd foxx
dc sniper flow got people screaming seeing red dots
checkers on my feet black sh-ll toes witta’ red top
stop playing that bullsh-t, you gon get that wolf c-ck
right in front of your grand pop, [?]
land block, lamb stop, boogie on this ram shot
these motherf-ckers remind me of detox
ya’ll n-ggas ain’t never f-cking dropped

wolf! wolf! wolf!

and you hear what say
every f-cking day
marsten house, cypher circuit
we never perfect
come get this shotty
if you want it we gon’ make it worth it
all i f-cking do is drop bombs
yo! where the f-ck is nysom?