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3t3n – sayian lyrics


verse 1:

rap ain’t been tha same since big died
alotta rappers screaming king but their courts lied
they too focus popping bottles sitting courtside
while chefs like me and raekwon got the game fried
man i hate local rappers too much pride
bars never get you full they just spitting sides
my brains a haunted house dare you all to step inside
voices screaming like whitney’s ghost crying out for clive
i’m too real for these blanks they dont face shit
on my peter quill whipping in my spaceship
bro talking ill we’ll give em a joker face lift
cause i started from the bottom like john gacy’s basement
ya’ll some f-ck boys ,f-ck boys, don’t f-ck girls
cause f-ck boys, f-ck-boys in this f-cked world
i don’t f-ck boys but i’m still an -ssholes plus i carry pipes
that open tops like a fish bowl (shimmy)
got aids plus rabis in my pen boy
your girl skyping me while telling you we friends boy
i’m ed gein when it comes to the skins boy
and you a queen tip drilling for some tims boy
life ain’t fair write a letter
please let f-ck you be the header
keep a mask like vendetta
ya’ll like freddy knitting sweaters
ya’ll ain’t scary, ya’ll some fairies,like oberon, 3 a don
like papi de la vega, b-tchies blow me like im sega
call me oh zues, jesús, hades
lobo, diablo, run in thee 80’s
call me crazy call me swayze cause i’ll ghost ya’ll
k!lling a rapper via cell phone, f-ck a close call boy
where they do that at? where they do that at?
you say you spitting food for thought?
where they chew that at?
girl your pussy look like shaq
where they screw that at?
i got more bounce for tha once this that new found zapp (losers)

what you sayian?
we go off in a flash super sayian
keep your gamefly boy we ain’t playian
bout to f-ck the world up ronald reagan (era)

verse 2:

momma raised a rap king like angela b-ssett
then she raised a pop king like angela b-ssett
she never played a rock queen like angela b-ssett
but was rolling on that river like angela b-ssett
folks asking me, when you gon put on for your city?
i’m the weird guy, people lie, like they ain’t riding wit me
then i call my brother cash
tell karrie brings the bags
b.z.g gon raise h-ll like lil nicky
man i’m picky, with this rap shit
the pressure it weights tons
but the shit ya’ll f-ckers like be sweeter than glazed buns
lyrically i can be the male child of hova, wearing a hockey mask, so i guess that would make me jay-son
f-ck dumming it down
i number you clowns
robbing you rappers like sam did mcdowells
this villian, be illin, poetic like dylan
i’m k!lling, these children, with wolves in my sound
dudes ain’t no k!llers, my pit bull is realer
you really think imma be letting u style
you tripping, and flipping, and missing, the vision, the rapping mortician, will slit you and smile
my cult is wild all i gotta say is go
bad chicks get the “d” they ain’t worried about no honor roll
goku in this b-tch if i snap i’ll knock you out your cloths
thats why i burn empires but taraji taught me self control
hold up let a villian keep it real
i ain’t stunting in versace, i ain’t smiling showing grills
(homie) hold up
i do this rap to pay the bills
yeah i got that baking soda
but i use it for my meals
(homie) hold up
im a psychopath for real
if charles manson had a label he’d be giving me a deal
(homie) hold up
i’m a nerdy boy with sk!ll
f-ck a penny for my thoughts
all my visions worth a mill homie

repeat hook:

call me oh zeus, jesús, hades
lobo, diablo, run in thee 80’s