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3uko – down bad (#3emix) lyrics


[verse 1: k. gnosis]

sayin’ you don’t rap no more
like a thug saying he don’t want a gat no more
like a slime saying he don’t wanna slatt no more
like kwada saying he don’t like ass no more
like bruce saying he don’t wanna bat no more
like a father saying he don’t wanna dad no more
i guess that’s normal
deadbeat gladly, i get in and dead beats badly
mas’qale ngegama, m’na ndingukwada
qhwaban’izandla, ingath’ izok’xaka iflow ‘biyagcwala
ingathi ngamanzi yhuu xaberap(a) ‘ngathi nd’zotsarhwa
hold on n+gga, keep on going quicker
it’s like a motion picture, know my flow is sicker
hold on keep up, get the spoony lit up
put it it in my veins i’m the dopest n+gga
i was just f+cked up, i was just down down bad
i had to make a comeback, now you n+ggas just sound sound sad
yabuy’ idyan, only objective kukhuph’inkan’
k’theni ugoloza ngob’uyintwana
i really know i’m the chosen one the only like d+mn
see on both sides, chanel & coco
foot on their necks, nyathela qho qho qho
k’dala ndisiwa, nd’vuka qho qho qho
n+ggas is soft, z’jenge fokoto
thetha nges’fuba, nd’khule ngengxolo
you get the picture ngathi ndiy’foto
ahead of my time, yintanga yokoko
nd’thanda negenge, nd’fana no qoqo

[hook: k. gnosis & 3uko]

i was just f+cked up, i was just down down bad
i had to make a comeback, now you n+ggas just sound sound sad
(oh sh+t)
i was just f+cked up, i was just down down bad
yo’ boy done levelled the f+ck up, now y’all better bow bow bow

[verse 2: 3uko]

3+ville headhancho
b+tch we came from nothing like “let there be light”
never advocating poaching but i’m african
i’m ‘pposed to have your goats in my sight
the devil’s advocate, i’m stirring the pot
3uko the flame dropper, aim proper
like i’m dame dollar taking a shot
i’m just a game+scholar headed to the top
and your fav dropping ain’t in the plot
but, i mean, it’s cool if it happens
y’all really think the new school isn’t rapping?
well, i mean, depends who you asking
nothing new under the sun
a few bringing light to the game and the rest of you bask in it
’cause… while y’all n+ggas passive i’m passionate
the truth is so blunt that y’all passing it
too many yes man full of flatulence
you cooking up ass and they’re gassing it, it’s laxative
running sh+t like castor oil, i mean, caster did
how i chase the bag till i fold the cheese up like quasedillas
couldn’t help i had to remix, beat was fire my flow gasoline
the aftermath is looking h+lla ashy like yo’ ass is lacking vaseline
maybe it’s maybelline, all that make+believe made to make it seem like they’ve actually got a chance out+rapping me
while they was in the bando trapping
i was writing like i’m lost inside an attic
flows i showboat so mr.frozone cold they…
sunk the titanic
let me in this b+tch and i incite panic
f+ck a buss+down patek i drop jewels
i’ll shock your top 5 like vic’ von doom to them other 4 dudes
what’d they really think they goin’ do?
nothing if you ask, i mean i could lap ’em in a d+mn sprint
i mean they could probably out+dance me
but that’s not how we judging this rap thing