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3up jordo – this side of me lyrics


“oh na na na na na na”

“oh na na na na na na na na na na na na na”

“i’d be lying if i said i don’t miss you”
(adlibs) “don’t miss you”

“what’s the problem babygirl here’s a tissue”
(adlibs) “here’s a tissue

“i know your exes did you wrong lemme kiss you “
(adlibs) “lemme kiss you”

“lemme show them you somebody f+ck ya issues”
(adlibs) “f+ck ya issues”

“bro was trapping most his life flexing out the rental”

“you can speak to me baby if you sentimental”

“don’t wanna force nothing mamas we can sit and settle”

“i’m just grinding to the top, time to hit the petal”

“i just started out the jump my views growing h+lla fast”

“i had to take it serious no fumbling the bag”

“my mother only raised me i never had my dad“

“a youngin from the rose they expect us to be mad”

“every step i get away the past is always coming back”

“just watch out for your clique they can snake you that’s a fact”

“there’s no real brotherhood if you link up just to match”

“i swear y’all got it twisted when i left there was a patch”


“i swear to god, all you need is my support”

“i’m nothing like the other guys so lemme show you more”

“i know he said a hundred lies but who’s counting the score”

“i know he’s tried a hundred times, baby am i all yours ?”

“my mixed emotions that i keep do not define with tweets”

“i’m releasing more anxiety so stop being secrete”

“i’m in a new society illegal to be me”

“ i wanna show this side of me you didn’t get to meet”

“far away that’s where i wanna keep my dream”

“i only see you by my side we make a team”

“i don’t wanna try and make it seem like you a scheme”

“but when i hide this pain away my heart just screams”

“i’m just confused on why god put me on this path”

“i don’t regret nothing but i still been down bad”

“i wrote this all for you, one day i just felt sad”

“there’s no hoe in me i’m just speaking the facts”