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3v0 – overkill(intro) lyrics


escapade in the escalade
keep my dragunov reloaded
decadence of the decade
theres more of me, pluripotent
rap g*nius, is like jay-z
raps on there get re-coded
use that website daily
pixar flipped, like eyes rolling
cold shoulder, i’m frozen
so cold, walt disney
i ain’t going, treadmill
so, you don’t deserve to walk with me
star wars, bought out
marvel, bought out
from what i can see
he’ll be disappointed when he thaws out
and tim cook is money hungry
steve probably be aggravated
for a pad, four months later?
wow, my funds get exasperated!
thats why i use android
i still got an i pod
sleep with that mac in my bed
books, in nooks, oh my god
tool box, in the garage
built a lot of stuff up in there
buy me some more dremel wheels
some stuff got cut up in there
been there, done that
bad grades, rev me up
religion, and a minnie mouse
that kinda stuff gonna mess you up