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3waypk – feeln me lyrics


hoes hitting on my body specific 3 hoes hitting on my body …..digging me !
rolls getting on my body …from eating these hoes feeling on my body ….

walk with these souls , steal from yo body
scareface i’m known k!ll before i’m bodied
my royalty strong kneel for my body , 300 we known …. k!lling having bodies …

hitting these hoes , they back to back …
barry bonds
with the bat
when i smack …
very calm when i’m back in attack
james bond ain’t no cat in the hat

pay my bond if i’m taking the rap
paid bond and i’m back getting active
trade time ain’t no taking it back
made mine off of faking a fracture …hurt !

i’m really out here getting franklins kurt …..

….walk out that bank ! smurk
… hop in that thang ! yerrkkk
…. ride with that thang yurrpp (2x)
off thе top like i’m eddie guerrеro , you can’t rock with us baby you scarecrow
hanging out with the deadly and dead folks
walking dead but i’m still really here though

let this sh+t rock but it ain’t gone hit bottom
adding up see more columns and commas
bag it up solve more problems for mama
stack it up wait to here them pigs holla

pack it up free my pops and my problems
n+gga we started from bottom
n+gga we started from honor
n+gga don’t start up this drama

if you buck we might pray for your luck
keep it tucked ain’t no making this up
make a move ain’t no tracing it up