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3webb – the come up lyrics


[verse 1: e. askie]
life is like a game
i’m just out here tryn’ win it!
24/7 i be outchea tryna get it!
money on my mind
gotta grind for my lil girl
followin’ my heart hopin’ one day i can lead the world
utilizing every single talent i was given
whether it be hoopin, countin’ cash or even spittin’
ten toes down you will never see me slippin’
n-gga trippin’
if they thinkin’ they can knock me off my mission
this is gods intention!
now pay attention
all them you pitchin’
can’t solve resentment
i swear!
these n-ggas be actin’ like
they really get braggin’ rights
but they need to start actin’ right
‘for i get up and sn-tch a mic!
cause these n-ggas ain’t rappin’ right
they ain’t shinin’ they lackin’ light
i’m high as a satellite
treat the track like a apple pie
got a hungry man appet-te
so it’s bon-appet-te
imma make em’ wake up and see
i do this sh-t in my sleep! (uh!)

[chorus: e. askie & (3webb)]
and you know it won’t be long, (be long)
’till we get there (get there)
and you can tell everybody that you know
they can bet that! (hmmm)
all the real n-ggas on the run
so you know the change gone come, (gone come)
tell em’ “when that bullsh-t gone, (bullsh-t gone)
we gone put that real sh-t on!” (real sh-t on!)

[outro: 3webb]
cool cats on the scene
and we makin’ some noise!
and them p-ssies mad
cause we out here makin’ some noise!
these n-ggas ain’t mac
they just macaroni
and myn-ggas all macs
but don’t like tony’s!
when these n-ggas start actin’ up?
i’m tryna turn they volume down
whole event revenue to mute
so they can’t make a sound
astounded by the talk of weak n-ggas
also known for they rounds
but soon to catch a round of bullets next to make a sound little mouse!

this that tr3music sh-t man!