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3weekoldroses – the end begins here lyrics


saunter echoes my name
living a life of pride
under skies of vague grey
selfishly, selflessly drug against the grain
each ripple at the waters edge was created by created for me
i spend it alone
i’d rather spend my time alone most days
but just for now creating knots out of frays
i wouldn’t want it to end this way
a blurred image in a broken frame
a windmill on fire fans its own flames

like chasing the sun to the horizon
a sun rise
can’t take away some nights
free from promise, free from sin
the validation of an honest man’s lies

what’s been changed
what’s the same
what’s unknown
the air we breath
rest your head
(i used to feel invincible)
roots grown from glory days
under skies of vague grey

where you’ve been
where you are
where you’ll go
the lives you’ve touched
times moving fast
(i start to feel invisible)
a made man won’t make me
under skies of vague grey

makes the dead look young
dances on the gracious man’s tongue

beyond prediction
self submissive
the view wasn’t what was expected
if misunderstood
what good is a message?
shouting on a soap box when no one’s listening
despite good intentions
we still seek validation
denying destiny
the error in our way
tempting the hand of fate
how long can we tempt the hand of fate?

long before the fall
waging nothing everything to lose
pride goes down smooth
pride goes down smooth