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3x krazy – thug money lyrics


featuring richie rich

-(ager man & bart)-

mobb life m-th- f-cka!
(it’s mobbin life)
eh man is this that blunt funk?
(that one step beyond bombation sh-t)
(you know what i’m sayin’? 3 times m-th- f-ckin’ krazy n-gg-!
where the f-ckin’ money?!
where the f-ckin’ money n-gg-?!
(blunt funk entertainment. you know what i’m sayin’ b-tch?)

verse 1 -(bart of 3x krazy)-

i hits the block walk wit a tech
a zip in my pocket
350 rocket to get up out of the cases
move, get away cleanest if the po-po’s try to beat us
for the funk won’t leave you breathin’
i’ve been married since a fetus
3 tia fo lia! (3 times for life)
the 100 blocks got it sewed
put your lips in my business and get them m-th- f-ckas mowed
my game is to be sold
no suckas when i roll
you comin’ at me crazy juss to get yo lips swole like pop gum
givin’ up lumps and b-mps so i’m non-stop
when i dumpin’ hot ones out the drop
pull around and get you mopped
put the mobb against a series of haters
tied up in a knot wit instigators
start speakin’ fo playas
i got my front porch sewed up
the feds chasin’
through the back roots, cuts an stretch
i got no time for no patience
keek hittin’ fences
a-g bailin’ through the trees
i was keyed
so it’s basic that you make it on your tee’s n-gg-!

chorus -(3x krazy)- 4x

the thug money
the drug money
the mud money, bet yo blood, and it’s stuff under the rug money.

verse 2 -(ager man of 3x krazy)-

smokin’ some of that green dope smashin’ through the east
5-0 couldn’t even catch where i was in the chevy wit h-lla speed
hopped up out my vehic
seen cops hidin’ in the trees
slapped my m-th- f-ckin’ mac-10 cuz them p.d.’s they will bleed
in my back pocket is a radio shack c.b.
watchin’ my back be lil steve, signal me when they leave
cuz n-gg-s ain’t goin’ down no mo’
for the 9-6 f-ck the 4
f-ck off fully both of they doe
wit nitro gas for the murda show
get to they shop, and hit the back door
some of you n-gg-s don’t really know
real killas don’t need a, 4-4 to make that n-gg-s, head blow
put bombs in his pick up
i bet ya’ll n-gg-s won’t see him no mo’
cuz when that m-th- f-cka blow
no come back, everybody gonna go.

verse 3 -(keek tha sneek of 3x krazy)-

for the thug money
they jack a n-gg- for nothin’
i be leavin’ you dead in the alley
this kill a 5-0 cali
for the 9-6
these woody-wood all in my mix
bust a n-gg- upside his head for arguin’ wit a b-tch
i think i’m tired of these woodies
so i gathered up a million n-gg-s
and burned them big w-ll–s
straps! i need to find some fullys
and a gang that is sure to clean your crowd
pistol let off repeated
black and white drop ridin’ through the spot
and tryin’ to stop my flow, cash
so i gotta get that -ss
they radioed a rigg up
so i’m on feet like?
plus i’m a getaway
tell the crew, put my sh-t away
change my description
and fired up a c.f.a.
crooked cop came
everythang went on thugs in the o-a f-ckin’ k
they, know the a
they ended d
the enemy
and these house n-gg-s, and p-ck-rwoods harr-ssin’ me
so i’m harr-ssin’ back
hot on the roof top wit my gat
f-ckin’ blast it!
suspect he dressed in black
left ’em layin’ flat
ghetto bird don’t know where i’m at
tucked under
and sneakin’ on another f-ckin’ task money.

-(chorus)- 4x

verse 4 -(richie rich)-

>from the cradle to the gravin’
like a f-ckin’ stowaway
trunk full of throw-aways
f-ck wit ‘ol skool richie rich you get you -ss taxed
n-gg- hitler was a killer
frank war was a mack
for all my years in the game i got so many gats
it’s for the race war
don’t wanna face more
n-gg-s than i can handle
blowin’ ’em out like candles
have you ever seen a n-gg- work a thirty-eight
for the, drug money
to stuff under the rug money
rich and 3 times
n-gg-s thought it wrong
it’s blunt funk for the scratch
once again it’s on
i hate to kill, but i will for the skrill
into my section, for the leathal injection
ak-47, hundred round gas-aholic
smokin’ these clips and can’t call it

-(chorus)- 4x