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3yezari – freestyle lyrics


we ee oh ohh
tell me what’s your name ya
woah oh ye e aye
woah oh oh
bye ha

tell me what’s your name i be coming threw them streets i got the money on they page yea these haters always talkin i be runnin like a faucet they be crying why you crying on my name i got money ya ya im blowin through the pain i got this drip a range i got these haters always talking yea i take some pain oh oh i hop out the thirty im poppin all this money got yo boy on me oh hoppin out a thirty why you poppin he want me yea he stuntin on a lady yea she want me she frontin oh oh i came up from the bottom i got money why they hatin ya ah

skirt off on them people why they talkin ya he got my number yea he texting on my phone ya