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3yvng leffie – again? lyrics


see sans
thought you were my mans
but i eat -ss
and you stepped on gl-ss tryna come at me
it’s a sad thing
suck toes is the motto
dumb g-y n-gga sent 0 shots tho
again, again, again
lil sansy boy when will you learn
v5 and now i gotta kick yo -ss to the curb
n-gga ran up on me once and he got merked
eating noodles like was that’s one big -ss slurp
epic libtard little -ss nerd
yeah this verse over, so switch it to x
g-y n-gga f-ck with me
f-ck you think this is
p-ssy n-gga talking ran up to his crib
one to his neck and his hip
n-gga turns out he aint got no d-ck
sh-t size of a toothpick uh
when i reload i dont miss yuh
ayeayeaye f-ck you sans