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3yvng leffie – im not a rapper.exe lyrics


i’m really not a rapper
on some fake f-ckboy sh-t
i’m not gangster i do this for some fun
call me x when i get in school fights
i love it when the run (aye)
i’m really not a rapper
it’s the first page of the chapter
nothing else just beginning of my life
mario brothers with that pipe
it do not matter if you black or white
all i care is about what’s on the inside
not the out side ight?
i’m laying down i can see the light
i don’t like to pick fights
i’m just some mixed kid from virginia
just tryna make a career
earthquake like a ground type
i will make you shake in fear
no i do not do drugs or drink beer
i do not care about your s-xuality straight or a queer
i only care if you be your self
thats all i ask
its the best thing you can do