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4 bonjours parties – satellite lyrics


look it before p-ssing away
i should know that codes
the world from this floor is not kinds of seeing
so i’ve never sense to know

the cheap light through in my head fades after all
we have some unknown words
and we can’t look it ‘cuz it’s too vividly to think

the fake dream wakes me up this side
i feel some confusion like surf thief

you take a paper cup to find the wall
but if you find out it
you never understand it
it’s a really strange thing

the time keeps going roundabout without our life
it won’t be in time
(we don’t have enough time)
the world is distorted like a funny clock
(there is unknown words bottom of coffee cups)

i want to repair it
but it’s too difficult for me
i can only see the sad world today

the satellite goes around us sadly
go on
and you’ll be the world
i want to be a part of that