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4 bonjours parties – your chill long hands lyrics


eats a sunny-side up
she has no time
and goes out with a book of fate
she’s not satisfied with his buying things impulse

takes a taxi
changes metros
and she stops to smoke by words
she’s on the way to small garden
he’s waiting for her

reads newspaper
checks his clock
and goes out with a purse and cards
he’s not satisfied with her believing in the fate

takes an useless ticket
changes money
and he stops to phone his room
he’s on the way to small garden
she’s waiting for him

i lost knowledge number nine
you only give me some peace of mind
i am a slave of past and blindness
you don’t wanna know what will happen

i’ll take down your ego and identify me
the fourth dimension i live in like imitation

this is the reason for waiting there
is this the story just like you?