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4 guys from the future – skin on fire lyrics


her skin is like fire
her breath is like sweet
her home my illusion
well, it takes from me

her eyes make me jump up
when they see through me
and her light’s no delusion
and her heart’s just hungry.

and i have nothing to stay
and nothing to live for
if not the beauty of her’s
is all around in my world.

i’m a slave to this woman
l-st will never dry out
i’m her biggest consumer
in the darkest night

i love her somehow
love goes through me
there’s no pain in motion
no judging me

and if there’s nothing to change
then nothing’s gonna change for us
in the end of the worlds,
the end is in the other charge

her love is like an ocean
and her sky is all i see
don’t go anywhere
without me