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4 horsemen – pestilence lyrics


verse 4: sicktanick
the world will turn to blood and the earth is gonna shake
and when you’re falling upon your knees, it’s a hors-m-n you’ll face
and in this time of pestilence you know there’s nowhere to hide
and in the time of your presence there’s no god to confide
the sun turns black and the rivers into blood
and everyone is trying so hard to hold onto the ones they love
but there’s no one there and there never will be
we are the jury and we found the world guilty
and now it’s time to pay the price so just ? of the other side
so when you see the hors-m-n ride, you better be running it’s time to die
don’t cry, you’ll see the end, you better believe
the end of the world in secrecy
so close your eyes, you might as well just try and dream
and don’t scream, there’s nothing you can do
when you’re looking in the heavens and you see they’re falling upon you
this is prophecy but not from a book
just look at the world you’ll see the lives we took