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40 cal – pound cake lyrics


ay yo it’s punch line guard you bet that i’m gutter
i ball with these b-lls i’m just testing my jumps
ex heroin slash still marijuana pumper
had to phone quickly i’m like the telethon number
it’s 1-800 the 1-8 f-ckers
was loyal to you but for me they ain’t jumped sh-t
tell me what you stay for
puff on my blank shiffs
imagine for a bucket of drumsticks
i get yo cousin crib and for where your son is
cousins and brothers in it for loved ones to live
where you come from, well i come from sh-t
you forget the long run i need the long some pr-ck
and i …
somebody call me stuck up i really stacked up sh-t
and let the dumb drums quit thumbs are dumb from the middle east
wanna eat a…n-gg-r get a seat
my n-gg-r had pound cake he had to get a piece
that short kick told a n-gg-r peace
shout to n-gg-r red velvet on a silver please
i take your kick and it’s icy cause the ninja sweet
repeat what i sad on your own time is bull
now i p–p my rhymes i’m on the low
can’t closer my eyes i still grind
please don’t blow my hive cause we could bull shine
i mean my b-lls on a…
like builders with heroin in them just lying
i done told you for a 104th time
i throw 9…
for everything around me

p-ssing and jumping, p-ssing in jumper
f-ck with me swish

i get k k k k k get yo money
you talking cake you know you got this on a munchies night
oh i get it you the funny type
that chris tucker from friday couple hundreds count yo money
well here’s something like the proof that i’m f-cking nice
like it this like you gotta take the right to call my vice
i tell them something like stacking is the hard part
that pull my n-gg-r ace like a car shot
it ate bucket and it’s you
my dog smart still keep it running in the car parked
then get out of dogs too many challenges
so i pull magnums and more calibers
that’s why i said dogs this is for the averages
give me avengers beginners and battlers
i mean characters know why you mad at us
our instagram fabulous your hoe keep following us
hashtag and i ain’t even in the pick
cause i am who i am real n-gg-r sh-t
low food shot you know i’ve been to 6
i bring you back to the pirate vision whip
speaking to cake i got it easy
pog you see this punch line’s easy
don’t bully this emt b-tch sucker wee-wee
when we scream what you would to a genie
your simple cheap shots is beneath me
sh-t you gonna make me kill y’all