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40 glocc – (we just) came to party lyrics


light up that marijuana
p-ss me the bomb
fill up my cup
fill it up with patron

[verse 1: sun]
we just came to party
and i’m feelin’ good
i got the remy for any women that’s feeling loose
your man grillin’ and he just up on my tennis shoes
i think we met, we gettin’ checks like [? ]
you see her shinin’ with diamonds, gl-ss, a swimmin’ pool
all the women drool, when they see the linen jewels
the way you drifted by, it really got me in the mood
take me to the room and blow me up like a inner clue

[village boo:]
i just came to party
pulled up
in my old school, with the naughty
valet park
my sh-t, next to 40’s
tip toe
in the coup, he look sporty (he ridin’ three piece)
and i’m tryin’ to leave tonight, with at least three freaks
hit the room, you know, until i skeet, skeet
i hope these clowns in here ain’t tryin’ to start beef
cause that’ll be the reason that n-gg-s kickin’ your front teeth

[chorus: eminem]
we just came to party
we ain’t comin’ hear to
start sh-t with n-body
girl, we just wanna see ya
work that, work that, body
with ya man lookin’ like
he, can murk somebody
we just sipped a little
bit too much bacardi
he done tripped into this
cup, and spilt it on me
now, he’s startin’ on some
sh-t, this with the naughty
he’s about to get the
sh-t, kicked, [? ] out of him

[verse 2: tip toe]
i don’t got no time for these n-gg-s that’s playing games
i don’t take it as a diss unless you sayin’ my name
i’m a bad influence, i smoke weed in front of kids
i crack a bottle open and ask ’em
if they wanna swig
i’m the bad guy that touched your wife
tip toe ain’t nothin’ nice
i rob benz and still sport a gang of ice
we gettin’ money, we ain’t trippin’ off you hoe n-gg-s
cause if we want you, we’ll come show up at your show, n-gg-s

[jayo felony:]
he ’bout to get the
sh-t kicked the f-cked out of ’em
they call me
once y’all killin’, the crips is lovin’ ’em
i split his f-ckin’
head for the pushin’ and shovin’ ’em
so crazy
i har-ss and embarr-ss him in public ’em
just sayin’
hit a stick that get a guerilla p-ssin’ me with that is crip
i could get sick as i wanna get, cause you know i’m the sh-t
never sound like an amateur, i damage n-gg-s’ brains
this buster
came to be a party p–per, i’m insane


[verse 3: niqle nut]
got a couple of handguns, feel like my block is ready
and i’m livin’ it thug life, like i was makaveli and
n-gg-, this zoo life, n-gg-, i ride for it
i’ll die for it and do federal time for it
i’m a inglewood n-gg-, just have it at any brother
i ain’t started g-ngb-ngin’ because of my favorite color
i done flip the whole brick
i’m flippin’ this cocaine
got socas in line, dancin’ like it’s soul train

[40 glocc:]
the party don’t pop off, unless we pop up in it
if the drama jump off, the first to dive up in it
infamous g on it, baby, shady, aftermath
i done started my own sh-t, some life about to crack
bloods and crips, they love me (i get my point across)
bang on the n-gg- that’s phony ([? ] sauce)
pick up the phone with the police
and he was tryin’ to kick it, but n-gg-‘s got cold feet

[chorus x2]

[40 glocc:]
zoo life!