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40 grit – serenity reigns lyrics


before i lost everything i ever had, i had nothing.
in the time i killed my pride, a severed hand slapped my face.
i donâ? t pity the weak just because they donâ? t come through for me.
the time you waged and lost has no guarantee.

serenity reigns
mourn the time you lost and youâ? ll lose everything
serenity reigns
mourn the time you got and youâ? ll be through with me
weâ? ll just wait and see

by the time i reach you, you will be one step ahead
cheating ways that represent the sp-ce where we all will dance
soap opera blunders, caught under covers
so filled with cold happiness,
overjoyed through these meager times


this darkness waits
i can see your fears that bleed
you canâ? t hide. you can hide from me
iâ? m not waiting for you