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40 grit – sneaky glass face lyrics


holding my hands over my eyes
blackout sunrise, blackout this time, my time
time to feed sneaky gl-ss face to me
lend my lies to me and ask why
i’ve fallen down, i am now too weak
to carry on to my next.

go away, leave for a while
i leave it behind, i’m killing in style
fall down to brave, get up, meditate
i leave it behind, don’t ask me why
ask me why – sneaky gl-ss face

i’d like to feed upon the dead that laugh at demise
like a soul that’s been shot out to the skies

burn a bitter reward i’ve never seen before
pulling and pushing. winners and sinners.
the rest of the world
like a ticking time bomb that’s set to explode
one look at you now i start to ignore
dampen my apology for stepping on you
your obsolete ways are killing me in a way
you’re killing me anyway
holding your hands over your eyes