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40 watt sun – craven road lyrics


that i would save for you so much life.

we stood above the pouring sound –

they should have seen us –
and ran toward tomorrowgaping open like a sh-ll

did i say to you, or did i try,
how everything was beating like asea inside?
i felt it overbr-mm-ng and flood the ground between us;
and beneath the weightof everything
i let it all come down.

striving to bindour bodies by every snarl of time we could unwind;
losing all their lonelinessand making meaning
in the vast experience that buried us alive.

feeling for the first time
breaking waves of silence.
feeling for the last time
i am, i am.

and i could feel me unravelin the foaming fury of love.
and who would weather those hammering fists of rain,
such as lay claim on you?