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40ozfliers – anti-racist lyrics


n-z- punx ain’t the way to be
they fight for white pride
fight to be free
my boots don’t agree
kick them in their f-ckin’ face
n-z- punx put em in their place
fascist punx are stupid f-cks
kick their -ss and let’s get drunk

anti-racist till the day we die
ant-facist for what is right
antif-racist till the day we die
anti-facist for what is right

would you die for a swastika
you stupid n-z- f-ck
would you die for ignorance
you stupid facist punk
n-z- punx are a sh-tty scene
n-z- punx ain’t the way to be
gotta fight for what’s right you see
f-ck n-z- sympathy!